The Best Warzone 2.0 M16 Loadout | The Worst AR In Warzone

We have the best M16 setup and loadout for Warzone 2.0. Don't rejoice too soon though, the weapon is still absolutely awful.

The best M16 loadout. | © EarlyGame

Warzone 2.0 offers an enormous selection of weapons and, as always, the assault rifles are among the absolute best weapons in the game. However, there is one weapon in the assault rifle class that is absolute trash. So let's take a closer look at this thing and try to get the best out of it.

The M16 was superb in Black Ops Cold War and there were even times in Warzone 1 when the M16 was completely broken. In Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare 2, however, the M16 is useless. Although the weapon is an assault rifle, it can only be used in burst or semi-automatic mode, not fully automatic. That alone is enough to make them inferior to any other full auto weapon in the game. On top of that, it does extremely little damage in semi-auto mode and recoils wildly in burst mode.

Warzone 2: M16 Setup

This is the best M16 you can make. | © Activision
MuzzleHarbinger D20STB 556 to Level 18Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.50 oz) / Bullet Velocity (+0.70 in)
Barrel14" Carbine ShroudM16 to Level 3Recoil Steadiness (+0.10 oz) / Damage Range (+0.30 in)
OpticSchlager 3.4xRAPP H to Level 12Aim Down Sight Speed (-2.00 oz) / Standard
Magazine45 Round MagM4 to Level 5Kein Tuning möglich
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56Lachmann-762 to Level 6Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.41 oz) / Standard

With our M16 setup, we're going for full range and bullet velocity, since we don't stand a chance against fully automatic weapons at short distances anyway. We try to get the recoil under control as much as possible so that we can at least use the burst mode at medium to slightly longer distances without missing every follow-up shot.

For the optic, we went for the Schlager, which offers a very clean crosshair and does not cover much of the screen, but if you want, you can also take the VLK or even a simple red dot.

When it comes to tuning, we're also going for a little more range and recoil control, but also improving ADS speed where possible.

Warzone 2.0 M16: Secondary Weapon, Perks & Equipment

Secondary Weapon: Fennec 45

In Warzone 2 the Fennec deletes people. | © EarlyGame/Activision

The M16 is unusable at close range. That's why we recommend something as a secondary weapon that can shred, and, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the Fennec. With an extremely high rate of fire, it simply deletes enemies in close range.

Perks (Basic, Bonus & Ultimate)

Again, our standard choices:

Perk PackageSpectre

Basic Perk

Double Time / Tracker

Bonus PerkSpotter
Ultimate Perk


The Specter Package is currently the best perkage pack in Warzone 2.0 and that's why you'll find it in pretty much every one of our loadouts. Ghost is a must with the current UAV spam, so it's just an obvious choice. Plus, Double Time and Tracker can still be quite helpful, even if Spotter is worthless.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

Our favorite combo:

LethalDrill Charge


Flash Bangs

Flashbang grenades are still incredibly powerful in MW2 and Warzone 2, and we haven't heard anything about an upcoming nerf. The radius for them in this game is just incredibly large, and the flash lasts for an extremely long time. For the lethal slot, we normally we recommend Semtex, but today we want to make it a little more exciting and take the new drill charges with us. And it's a great lethal, which can stick to any surface (yes, including vehicles) and even target enemies behind cover.

That was all for the M16. If you want to try something new, check out the best battle rifles in Warzone 2.0.

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