The Best Battle Rifles In Warzone 2 | Complete Ranking

Here you can find the best battle rifles in Warzone 2.0. Battle rifles are a whole new weapon category and basically heavy-ARs, which are effective in both semi-auto and full-auto. Some of them are actually well-worth using in Warzone 2. You can find our complete ranking of every battle rifle below.

What are the best battle rifles in Warzone 2? | © Activision

Battle rifles are new to Call of Duty, and it's about time they were added. A battle rifle is a very real thing outside of CoD, it's basically an assault rifle chambered in a full rifle-calibre cartridge rather than an intermediary cartridge. And because battle rifles are using ammunition like 7.62 NATO, these weapons are effective out to much longer ranges than ARs, but they have worse recoil.

The battle rifles in MW2 are only usable in semi-auto past 35 meters, but for shorter ranges you can switch them to full-auto. Now to your next question: are any of them good enough to be meta weapons in Warzone 2? Not quite, but a couple of them are viable A-Tier weapons. And given how few long-range options we have in Warzone 2, they could slip into the S-Tier with a few buffs in an upcoming patch. Anyway, here's our ranking of every battle rifle in Warzone 2.

Note: This is a tier-list of weapons for Warzone 2, to know how these weapons compare in multiplayer, here is our ranking of battle rifles in Modern Warfare 2.

Complete Ranking Of Every Battle Rifle In Warzone 2

4. SO-14

The SO-14 is dead last. Yes it has access to 50 round mags, and you would think this would make it great for full-auto, but the recoil is so unbelievably horrendous in full-auto that it simply can't be used effectively. And if you try to mitigate the recoil with attachments the handling becomes cripplingly slow.

Okay, but what about long-range engagements in semi-auto? It's frankly unimpressive in that regard, because even in semi-auto, the recoil makes follow-up shots more difficult than with the other battle rifles. We advise a hard pass on the SO-14.

S0 14
Sick damage, but the recoil is horrible. | © Activision

The full-auto is unusable, and the handling is too slow. Here is our best SO-14 loadout.

3. FTAC Recon

The FTAC Recon is maybe the best Battle Rifle at long-range, and this helps it beat the SO-14, but critically it's limited to only 15 round mags. With such short ammo supplies, full-auto is simply unfeasible, and so it's more situational than the best battle rifles.

FTAC Recon
FTAC Recon is not our favorite. | © Activision

The FTAC is just about viable, but it's not great. Here is our best FTAC Recon loadout.

2. Lachmann-762

The Lachmann has access to 50-round mags, decent handling, and good recoil mitigation attachments from the Lachmann platform. This allows it to be useful as a full-auto weapon in short to mid-range engagements. For this reason alone it beats the SO-14 and the FTAC Recon, but it's nowhere near as good in full-auto as the absolute number one battle rifle.

Here is our best Lachmann-762 loadout.

Lachmann 7 62
The recoil is filthy, but 50-round mags are pretty legit. | © Activision

The Lachmann benefits from its platform having so many solid attachments.

1. TAQ-V

The TAQ-V can be spec'd to be the most controllable BR, and combined with its access to 50-round mags, full-auto is therefore a lot more useful for the TAQ-V than the others. This allows you to use the weapon effectively in far more situations. And it's not like the semi-auto damage output at range suffers compared to other BRs, so it's still really solid for mid to long range engagements.

You can find a complete loadout guide for the TAQ-V here.

The TAQ-V is certainly the best BR right now… | © Activision

Are Battle Rifles Worth Using?

For slower, more patient players, who are comfortable using semi-auto weapons, go for it. None of the battle rifles we have right now can be considered absolutely top-tier, but unlike Warzone 1, they don't have to compete with assault rifles that can beam people at 70 m with zero recoil. Although, we wouldn't suggest buying a BR as your first weapon from the buy station, instead, we would recommend picking one up after you already have something more reliable and less situational.

That was our complete overview of battle rifles in Warzone 2, we hope you found it useful, but if these weapons just aren't for you, you can find a complete tier-ranking of every weapon in Warzone 2 here. And if you're wondering how you'll ever be able to level all those weapons, you can grind far more efficiently if you buy Modern Warfare 2.

And if you do get into MW2's multiplayer while you're grinding:

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