Ranked Mode Coming To Warzone!

One of, if not the most common request when it comes to Warzone, is the addition of a ranked mode, and after two years, it looks like our prayers have been heard. What do we know about the raked mode, and when will it arrive? We have all the info.

Is it finally happening? | © Activision

People love grinding games, and even though Warzone is super fun, a lot of people quit the game in favor of Apex Legends, because of the ranked mode. Players love climbing the ranks in games, and they want it displayed to the world. Yes, levels are a way of showing, how much time we spend in a game, but let's be honest, no one really cares about levels, and even the biggest noobs can hit level 1000 in Warzone.

Two years after the release of Warzone, we could finally be getting a ranked mode in Warzone. This comes after @TheGhostOfHope leaked information about a ranked mode coming to Warzone. With the release of MW2 and Warzone 2 later this year, is the release of a ranked mode still worth it? Let's find out.

Is Warzone Getting A Ranked Mode?

Yes, it looks like Warzone is finally getting a ranked mode. TheGhostOfHope leaked this information, but people expecting a full-fledged system will be disappointed. The leaker revealed that this ranked mode, will basically be a beta test, and will serve as a blueprint for Warzone 2. It will be released for the current Warzone, for testing purposes only, so you'll probably still be able to grind some ranks, but we expect it to be a system with a lot of flaws, and Raven will look to collect as much data and feedback as possible, so they can improve the ranked mode, for the future.

How this ranked mode will work, we don't know yet. They could go the route Apex Legends went, with a point system, or they could go with the classic MMR type system, we see in League of Legends. I guess we just have to wait and see, what Activision has planned for us.

Will The Ranked Mode Be Caldera Exclusive?

TheGhostOfHope mentioned that the ranked mode will only be available on Caldera. As this is just a test for the future, it makes sense that the ranked mode is only available on Caldera. We know that a smaller Rebirth Island type map is being developed for Warzone 2, so we could see a ranked mode for that map, but for now I guess we have to switch back to Caldera if you want to grind the ranks in Warzone.

Will Warzone 2 Have A Ranked Mode?

Whether Warzone 2 will get a ranked mode hasn't been confirmed yet, but it sure does look like it. Since this ranked mode is slated to arrive before Modern Warfare 2, and is supposed to act as a test, this ranked mode will serve as a beta, with the fully fledged mode coming in Warzone 2. Modern Warfare 2 will also be getting a ranked mode, so it seems like Activision is acknowledging the fact that people want a ranked mode, so it's no surprise that Warzone 2 will also be getting one.

The ranked mode in MW2 will be released at a separate time, when that is supposed to be, we don't know. Season one will probably begin, when Warzone 2 comes out, which will probably be in December 2022. If MW2 ranked mode will be available then, is unclear. We expect it to launch simultaneously with the ranked mode in Warzone 2.

When Will The Ranked Mode In Warzone Release?

Since the ranked mode is supposedly going to release before Modern Warfare 2, the only logical date would be, either with the mid season four update or with season five. Season 4 Reloaded is set to release at the end of July, with Season 5 coming August 24. Introducing a ranked mode halfway through a season, doesn't make much sense, so we expect the ranked mode to release with Season 5 on August 24. This will be the last season for Vanguard, which makes it a perfect test season for the ranked mode. Raven can collect one season's worth of data and feedback, and still have some time to implement their fixes into the ranked mode in Warzone 2.

And that's all we know about the upcoming ranked mode for Warzone. Are you excited? Does this hype you up even more for Warzone 2? I can't wait to jump in and grind the ranks in Warzone. This will definitely increase the enjoyability and longevity of Warzone.