Warzone 2 Is Already Dead: Streamers & Content Creators Are Disappointed By CoDs Latest BR

Warzone 2 had a decent launch, but the devs have barely touched the game since, and many members of the community would like them to see huge changes. Effectively, people want this game to be a lot closer to Warzone 1.

Warzone 2 0 dead
Is Warzone 2 dead? | © Activision

Don't be too alarmed by the headline; Warzone 2 is still being supported by the devs and Season 2 is expected soon. But despite this regular flow of new content, we haven't had actual balance changes since launch! And many of the biggest voices in the community are claiming that we definitely need changes to save this dying BR.

Warzone 2 Content Creators Claim The Game Is Already Dead

Content-creators and pro-players alike have been complaining about the state of Warzone 2, claiming that the game is already dead. The chief concerns are with the incredibly low-TTK (time-to-kill), which decreases the skill gap, and the slower pace of the game in general, with no advanced movement mechanics and fewer options for traversal.

This sentiment seems to be very widespread. Here's how a few of the biggest voices in the scene have described the current state of the game:

  • Aydan (a pro player):

  • ModernWarzone (Content Creator):

Although, obviously, there is still a wide range of opinion. In our interview with the pro-player Jukeyz, for instance, he explained to us why he actually really enjoys the experience. And just a cursory glance at the Warzone subreddit shows that there are still players who want to keep playing the game. But, overall, the feeling is undoubtedly negative.

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What Could Save Warzone 2?

Generally speaking, they should make the experience closer to Warzone 1 by increasing the overall pace of the game and the TTK. They also need to bring out a Resurgence map desperately. We have actually heard about a new Resurgence map they're working on, but they can't leave it for six months before releasing this new map. If they do hold off on releasing the new map for too long then they will lose all the players who have become exclusively fans of Resurgence.

Here's a video on everything we know about the new Resurgence map:

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