A Ranked Mode Is Finally Coming To Warzone 2!

Warzone will finally be getting a ranked mode, after years of the community begging for one.

Ranked Mode Coming To Warzone
This is the best news for Warzone in literally years. | © Activision

Season 2 has just launched in Warzone 2, and there's a lot of new content to enjoy. However, we've also just received some news that's even more exciting than all the new content. Warzone is finally getting ranked.

Ranked Mode Coming To Warzone

Right at the end of the most recent blog post, the devs mentioned some of the things we could look forward to in Season 3, including Warzone Ranked. Now at the moment the only information we have is that. They haven't said how the system will work, nor whether it will use separate rules from pubs (which is the way CoD Multiplayer Ranked works). We don't even know if it will be an Al Mazrah exclusive, or playable on the new Ashika Island map.

If we had to guess, we expect it will work like Apex Legends Ranked. In their ranked mode, players have to "buy in" to a match by spending their RP (rank points), and then they will earn a certain amount during the match based on kills and placement. In the lower ranks its almost free to enter a match, but in the higher ranks it costs a huge amount of RP.

We'll update you as soon as we have any more news. Until then, why not check out the recent buffs and nerfs we got in the Season 2 patch?

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