The Best Perks In Warzone 2.0

Alongside your weapons, the perks you choose are some of the most important parts of your loadout. But what are the best perks in Warzone 2?

MW2 Perks
What is the best perk-package in Warzone 2.0? | © Activision

Everyone wants to win in Warzone 2.0, and what is most important for this besides skill? Exactly, your loadout. However, many here only think of the weapons. Of course, having the right meta weapons is a good thing, but there's a lot more to a good loadout. The right equipment can always save your butt and above all a good combination of extras or perks can make a game-changing difference.

In this article we deal exclusively with the best perks in Warzone 2.0. Since we can no longer select all extras individually in Warzone 2.0, but have to commit to a ready-made extra package, we will briefly explain the new system.

Warzone 2.0 Perk Packages

In contrast to Warzone 1, we can take four perks with us in Warzone 2.0, but we cannot just pick the ones we like. Instead, we have to choose one of eight pre-selected "Perk Packages".

  • To level your weapons and go for Orion, you'll need a copy of Modern Warfare 2.

This is to ensure that, unlike in Warzone 1, all players are not using the same three meta perks. However, this also severely limits our choice, since many of the Perk Packages are simply not worth it.

We have the following eight Packages to choose from:

Basic Perks
Bonus Perk
Ultimate Perk
VanguardDouble Time / Bomb SquadResupplyHigh Alert
Commando Scavenger / Strong ArmFast HandsHigh Alert
SpecterDouble Time / TrackerSpotterGhost
ScoutScavenger / Strong ArmFocusGhost
SentinelBattle Hardened / Bomb SquadCold-BloodedOverclock
WardenDouble Time / Strong ArmFast HandsOverclock
Weapon SpecialistOverkill / Strong ArmFast HandsSurvivor
ReconDouble Time / TrackerFocusBirdseye

The Best Perk Packages In Warzone 2

Below we list what we think are the three best Perk Packages in Warzone 2.0. Don't be surprised that there's no Overkill Package, since we can also buy primary weapons from our loadouts individually at buy stations, the Overkill perk would just waste an important slot.

3. Sentinel

Sentinel Package
This is another great Package for aggressive players. | © Activision

The Sentinel Package is agreat option for aggressive players. With the two basic perks Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad you are better protected against explosive damage and the effects of Flash, Stun, EMP, Shock, Gas and Snapshot grenades.

While, with Cold Blooded, you will not show up in thermal sights or be tagged by drones and cameras. And Quick Fix ensures that your health regeneration starts immediately after each kill and heals you up again extremely quickly.

So if you like to play extremely aggressively and want to last as long as possible even in the toughest battles, you should go for the Sentinel Package.

2. Specter

Spectre Package
The Specter Package is simply the best all-rounder. | © Activision

One of our favorite Packages, which we use in almost all of our Warzone 2.0 loadouts, is the Specter package. With Double Time and Tracker, we get extended Tac-Sprint and can see the footprints of nearby enemies. While Spotter shows us enemy equipment such as mines or C4 through walls, which unfortunately is rarely helpful, but in our opinion Ghost is simply indispensable. With the current UAV spam, not being tagged by drones, portable radars or heartbeat sensors is simply a huge advantage.

So unless you're particularly aggressive, Specter is the best Perk Package in Warzone 2.0. With this Package you are well-prepared for almost every situation.

1. Recon

Warzone 2 Recon
The Recon Package is awesome. | © Activision

The Recon Perk Pack is perfect for all players who like to hunt down other squads or just always be aware of where the enemies are hanging out. With Double Time and Tracker, we're pretty fast again and can see the footprints of nearby enemies, which is especially helpful when hunting other squads.

With focus, our character doesn't flinch as much when hit and can hold his breath longer when aiming down sights. This is actually more interesting for snipers, but in battles over longer distances, a little less flinch can make all the difference.

However, the most important perk is Birdseye. Many players still don't know how exactly this perk works, which is why many don't use it, but trust us, Birdseye is awesome. The perk shows you the position and direction that enemies are facing on the minimap, and it does so with every UAV or radar ping. Every UAV or radar ping used by any player on the map triggers Birdseye. So it doesn't even have to be your own UAV. Of course, enemies are not constantly marked, as with your own drone, but they are displayed on the minimap for several pings.

Since in an ordinary match there is practically constantly a UAV in the air or a radar active somewhere, it means that even without your own drone you can always see on the minimap where the surrounding enemies are and even in which direction they are looking.

All in all, using the Recon package feels almost like cheating and saves you a lot of cash for UAVs that you can spend on weapons and equipment instead.

These are currently the best Perk Packages in Warzone 2.0. Of course, you should experiment a bit, maybe a different Package actually suits your playstyle better. And if new Perk Packages are added or if the entire perk system changes, you will of course find out here.

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