The Best Marksman Rifles In Warzone 2 | Complete Ranking

Marksman rifles are basically "light snipers". And given that the actual sniper rifles have been nerfed so hard in Warzone 2, marksman rifles now seem fairly viable. But which are the best marksman rifles, and which are worth avoiding? We've ranked every marksman rifle in Warzone 2 for you below.

These are the best marksman rifles in Warzone 2, enjoy! | © EarlyGame

Marksman rifles (MMRs) are basically lower-caliber, faster-firing sniper rifles. Now, in a world where even heavy snipers can't get a knock with a headshot, you can forget about building some kind of Kar98k / Swiss K31 rifle. But marksman rifles actually do still have a place in Warzone 2.

Because LMGs and ARs are now much less capable of beaming people with zero-recoil, and because the heavy snipers have been nerfed, MMRs are one of the better long-range options. The only really poor thing about marksman rifles is that they use sniper ammo, but you're going to be burning through the ammo much faster than you would with a traditional sniper, so you will need to keep a muni-box on you. Still interested in marksman rifles? If so, you can find a complete ranking of every MMR in Warzone 2 below.

Note: This is a ranking of all marksman rifles in Warzone 2, if you want to know which marksman rifle to use in multiplayer, here's our ranking of MMRs in MW2.

Every Marksman Rifle In Warzone 2 Ranked

6. SA-B 50

The SA-B 50 would be an amazing sniper... if it was Warzone 1. But in Warzone 2, with headshots being pointless, this weapon will require multiple shots to down, and as a bolt-action you probably won't land them in time before whoever you're aiming at can plate up. Just ignore this weapon in Warzone.

SA B 50
In another life this would be the meta. | © Activision

Don't even bother levelling this if you only play Warzone.

5. SP-R 208

The exact same problem as with the SA-B applies here, and it's one you should avoid. We've only placed it slightly higher on the list because it's slightly faster so you can land those follow-up shots more quickly. But it's still just not worth bothering.

SP R 208
If only it could one-shot headshot... | © Activision

It's fast, but speed isn't everything in Warzone 2.

4. Lockwood MK2

The Lockwood is significantly faster than the two above, and so it deserves to be higher on the list. It's also more capable in shorter-ranges thanks to better handling speeds. All of that said, we still think this weapon just isn't worth using in Warzone.

Lockwood MK2
So you want to be a cowboy? | © Activision

The Lockwood is probably the most satisfying weapons in Warzone 2 to get a kill with.

3. LM-S

Now we're getting somewhere. The LM-S, and the two MMRs beneath can fire in semi-auto, and this makes them significantly more viable. The LM-S is limited to 15-round mags unlike the two best marksman rifles however, and it's handling speeds and recoil is worse, so it only comes in third place.

An iconic rifle. | © Activision

The Lachmann platform offers the LM-S some great attachments.

2. TAQ-M

The TAQ-M is probably the least viable of the SCARs in Warzone 2, but because you can have 20-round mags, and the weapon is so controllable, the TAQ-M is capable of doing good work at long-range. If you spot a squad moving through the open at range, you should be able to get at least one knock with the TAQ-M.

The TAQ-M is one of the best semi-auto MMRs. | © Activision

Plus, all the SCARs just look dope. Here is our best TAQ-M loadout.

1. EBR-14

The EBR has all the benefits of the TAQ-M and the LM-S, but it has a slightly better balance of stats for rapid single-fire. This weapon really might surprise you with just how strong it can be at mid and long-range, and it can even be used to counter-snipe.

EBR 14
Thankfully not mediocre like MW2019's EBR-14. | © Activision

You can find the best EBR-14 loadout for Warzone 2 here.

Should You Even Bother With Marksman Rifles In Warzone 2?

Yes, as a third stowed-weapon. We think marksman rifles are probably slightly too situational to be one of your two main weapons, but if you find a medium or large backpack, we do think they can be worth stowing. Marksman rifles like the EBR-14 can be used pretty effectively at longer ranges, and even the very worst marksman rifles can be useful for counter-sniping. Just having the option to flash a glint at someone trying to snipe your squad and putting some shots their way can be enough to make them back off.

And there you have it folks, an overview of marksman rifles in Warzone 2. We hope you found it useful, but if MMRs just aren't for you, check out our tier-ranking of every weapon in Warzone 2 for alternatives.

If you're finding it painful to level the marksman rifles, check out the DMZ:

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