The Best Warzone 2.0 Lockwood MK2 Loadout | The Cowboy's Rifle

We have the best Lockwood MK2 setup and loadout for Warzone 2.0. The Cowboy Rifle is easily one of the funnest weapons in the game.

Lockwood MK2 loadout. | © EarlyGame

It's no big secret that the Lockwood MK2 isn't one of the best weapons in Warzone 2.0. None of the MMRs in Warzone 2.0 are really competitive with the current meta weapons. Nevertheless, we don't want to completely write off the nice cowboy gun right away, at medium to slightly longer distances the Lockwood MK2 can definitely be viable.

The Lockwood MK2 is quite accurate and has a pretty good rate of fire for a bolt-action weapon. Unfortunately, among the DMRs, it doesn't quite match the two proper semi-automatics, but it follows right behind and can be made quite mobile as well. In addition, it is of course the perfect weapon for anyone who wants to tinker with a proper cowboy loadout.

Warzone 2.0: Lockwood MK2 Setup

This is the best Lockwood MK2 attachment setup. | © EarlyGame/Activision



Barrel25" Buffalo BarrelLockwood MK2 to Level 23Aim Walking Speed (-0.30 lb) / Aim Down Sight Speed (-0.30 in)


VLK LZR 7MWSTB 556 to Level 5Default

Lockwood Bullseye Stock

Lockwood MK2 auf Level 15Aim Down Sight Speed (-2.55 oz) / Aim Walking Speed (-2.00 in)

Longhorn Lever

Lockwood MK2 to Level 22


GuardLockwood Commando GuardLockwood MK2 to Level 25Aim Walking Steadiness (+0.15 lb) / Sprint to Fire Speed (-0.15 in)

With our setup, we're going for more speed, i.e. sprint-to-fire speed and ADS speed. Only with the barrel do we increase the range and bullet velocity a little. With the laser we increase sprint-to-fire speed and ADS speed, stock and handguard also increase ADS speed and other mobility stats. With the lever we ensure that we can repeat faster and thus achieve a higher rate of fire.

We don't use an optic in our setup because we really like the iron sights. Especially at medium distances there is no need for a zoom. If you still prefer to play with am optic, though, you can of course exchange any attachment.

When it comes to tuning, we also focus as far as possible on more ADS speed and mobility in general. All in all, we get a very fast DMR that has good damage and can also dish out damage at medium distances.

Warzone 2.0 Lockwood MK2 Loadout: Secondary Weapon, Perks & Equipment

Secondary Weapon: M13B

M13 B
The M13B is a solid weapon. | © EarlyGame/Activision
Of course, with a DMR as our primary weapon, we need a good secondary weapon that works best as an all-rounder. We chose the M13B here, which has a fairly high rate of fire and good mobility for an assault rifle. If you would rather gamble with an absolute top weapon, you should perhaps take a closer look at the TAQ-56.

We advise you to start with the second weapon and only buy the Lockwood MK2 later in the match.

Perks (Basic, Bonus & Ultimate)

Again our standard choice:

Perk Package

Basic Perks

Double Time / Tracker

Bonus PerkFocus
Ultimate Perk


In our opinion, the recon package is currently the best perk package in Warzone 2.0. Birdseye is still neglected by many players, but is incredibly powerful. The perk shows you the position and direction of your opponents' gaze with every UAV or radar ping - yes, every one, it doesn't even have to be your UAV or radar. So you have a constant UAV with a top view. Double Time, Tracker, and Focus are all pretty solid as well.

Equipment (Lethal & Tactical)

Our favorite combo:


Flash Grenade

There's no better combo than Semtex and Flashbangs in our opinion - although we also love Drill Charges... If you're extremely aggressive you might want to go with Stims and Throwing Knives, but for everyone else this is the best combo.

That's all for the Lockwood MK2. If you're looking for something more reliable, try one of the best assault rifles in Warzone 2.0.

Sadly, the MK2 doesn't make this list:

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