The Best Battle Rifles In Modern Warfare 2 | All BRs Ranked

Battle Rifles are a new category of weapon in MW2, and they're basically sat in the middle-ground between Marksman Rifles and ARs. Here are the best Battle Rifles in Modern Warfare 2.

Battle Rifle
Which are the best battle rifles in Modern Warfare 2? | © Activision

Modern Warfare 2 has now been put before the players. Some love it, others hate it (here's our review of MW2). But knowing Call of Duty, it's going to be wildly popular no matter what the finished product looks like. So let's move on to the now more important question of what the best weapons in the game are.

We have a complete tier-ranking of every weapon here, but in this article we're going to focus on the Battle Rifles. This is a new category of weapon for Call of Duty, and you can basically think of them like bigger, heavier ARs, chambered in full rifle-caliber cartridges. And here's how we rate them.

The Best Battle Rifles In Modern Warfare 2

2. FTAC Recon

The FTAC Recon is the Battle Rifle version of the M4 in MW2. In semi-automatic mode, it deals decent damage and can be controlled quite well, but if you switch to fully automatic mode, the FTAC is hardly playable. The recoil makes it almost impossible to control the weapon, and even with the largest magazine, you only get 15 rounds. Therefore, the FTAC Recon can only be used effectively in semi-automatic mode, and you might as well try the MK2 or another DMR that can kill with just one hit to the chest or higher.

You can find a complete loadout for the FTAC Recon here.

FTAC Recon
FTAC Recon is not our favorite. | © Activision

1. Lachmann-762

The Lachmann is significantly inferior to the FTAC Recon in semi-automatic mode, but it comes with a 20-round magazine and can even be equipped with a 50-round magazine. So unlike the FTAC, it can actually be played fully automatic like a heavy assault rifle. The recoil is still fierce, but nowhere near as much as the FTAC, and with a few attachments for recoil control, the Lachmann-762 gets really good. Be prepared for a slower play style, but the damage from this thing is fierce.

Lachmann 7 62
The Lachmann-762 is just a heavy AR. | © Activision

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was our complete ranking of all the Battle Rifles available in Modern Warfare 2. We hope you enjoy them, but if you're missing the versatility of the ARs then may we suggest the M4.

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