The Best Marksman Rifles In Modern Warfare 2 | All DMRs Ranked

The Marksman Rifles are basically the light snipers, which have the potential to one-hit-kill with head-shots, but will usually hitmarker anywhere else on the body. Here's our ranking of all the MMRs in MW2.

What are the best Marksman Rifles in MW2? | © Activision / Earlygame

Modern Warfare 2 has been unveiled to the world, and as players begin frantically unlocking every weapon they can (while trying to understand the new Gunsmith), many have begun asking us about the best weapons in the game. Well, if you want, we have a complete tier-ranking of every weapon in MW2. But in this article, we're going to go in-depth on the Marksman Rifles, and rank them all from worst-to-best.

The Marksman Rifles have returned in MW2 as a category of weapon. Marksman Rifles are basically the "light snipers", which can only one-shot to the neck or head, but have more than enough range for every map (including Ground War). They'll give you better mobility than the heavy snipers as well, although not by much. Anyway, enough throat-clearing, here are the best Marksman Rifles in MW2.

The Best Marksman Rifles In Modern Warfare 2

2. Lockwood MK2

The MK2 is back! ...and it's still not great. The problem with the MK2 is that you need to rechamber a round after each shot, and so your effective TTK (assuming you land every shot to the center of mass) is just too poor to keep up with a vast majority of other weapons.

Lockwood MK2 Marlin 30 30
This is a fun, badass-looking weapon. But it's just not very good. | © Activision

But hey, it's still badass. And we're sure a ton of Redditors will unlock it to make compilation videos about their "Cowboy Class".

1. LM-S

Now, this is pretty much just a semi-auto sniper, but it can one-shot people to the neck as well as head, so it's not super difficult to kill with. Follow-up shots are difficult to hit because of the recoil, though, so it's certainly not as easy to use as the heavy snipers (which have crazy strong aim-assist).

We couldn't have a tacti-cool game without the Heckler & Koch PSG1. | © Activision

We love that the PSG1 made it into the game, but we're praying that Call of Duty one day return to the practice of using the actual names for these weapons.

That was your complete overview of the Marksman Rifles available in Modern Warfare 2. Did you agree with the ranking? Or are you a loud and proud MK2 lover? Let us know down below.

And if you're looking for a rundown on all the changes to expect in MW2, check out this vid: