All New Modes Coming In MW2 | SnD With Revives & 3v3 "Raids"

You can find all the confirmed new modes for Modern Warfare 2 right here. So far we've heard about a couple of no-respawn modes and a mysterious new thing called "Raids".

New Modes In MW2
Here are all the new modes coming to MW2! | © Activision

We've just seen some of the new modes coming to Modern Warfare 2 via the CoD Next showcase, and we're pretty hype with the direction they're going in. It's certainly good news for SnD fans, with a couple of new modes that will follow the same no-respawn, round-based structure. So, let's check them out.

New MW2 Game Modes

Knockout (6v6)

Knockout is a no-respawn mode like Search and Destroy, but weirdly, revives are enabled. It's played in rounds, and the objective to winning each round is either killing every member of the enemy team or maintaining control of "the package" (a collectible item that spawns in the middle of the map and is dropped upon death). Clearly, they felt Cyber-Attack had been well received and wanted to continue developing SnD-like modes.

Prison Rescue (6v6)

As with Knockout, this is a mode played in rounds with no-respawns and revives enabled. The objective of Prison Rescue is to either rescue two hostages or prevent that from happening, depending on the team. Every two rounds you switch sides and the first team with 500 points wins.

Raids (3v3)

Raids are a brand-new type of mode coming to Modern Warfare 2, but they won't be available on-launch, they're planned for a later release. We don't know much about Raids yet, but they're being described as though they're a competitive small-team experience. We'll update you as soon as we hear more.

Invasion (20v20)

Invasion is a new Ground War mode, and it's going to be played on POIs from the Warzone 2 map. It's basically a massive Team Deathmatch with vehicles, but there is one exception: each team get 20 AI combatants to help them to attack both teams.

Returning MW2 Game Modes

So far we've only had Team Deathmatch and Domination 100% confirmed, but in a few shots from promotional material we've also seen the symbols for Capture the Flag and Search and Destroy. If we had to guess we're 99% certain that we'll also be getting Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, and Headquarters. The real question is whether Gunfight (MW2019s popular mode) will return or Control (which has been one of the competitive modes used by the CDL in the last couple of years). Gunfight is more likely to return, but with Capture the Flag in the game we're thinking this might replace Control as the third Competitive mode. We'll update you as soon as we know more.

If you like the look of these new modes, just check out the new gameplay mechanics you'll be exploring them with: