All Weapons & Attachments Coming To Modern Warfare 2

Here are all the weapons and attachments confirmed for Modern Warfare 2. These aren't leaks, these are the weapons we've been able to verify from marketing material and trailers. There's a lot to look forward to.
All Weapons and Attahcments Confirmed for MW2
Ghost looks unbelievably cool. | © Activision

If you cast your memory back to Modern Warfare 2019, you'll remember how incredible those weapons were. They sounded and looked beautiful, and the animators were really able to convey the weight of these weapons to the player. It's just something Infinity Ward have always known to do well. So despite what anyone might say regarding the TTK, the doors, and the maps (oh god, please say they've improved the maps), we can rest assured they will perfect the weapons in Modern Warfare 2. In fact, we've already seen a few of them in various trailers and sneak-previews. Here are the weapons and attachments we can confirm will appear in Modern Warfare 2.

Every Weapon In Modern Warfare 2

So far, we've seen assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, marksman rifles, and pistols in Modern Warfare 2. We haven't seen LMGs or sniper rifles yet, but these will obviously be in the final game. Here's what we've spotted so far:

SMGs In Modern Warfare 2

P90: One of the operators storming the oil rig in the gameplay preview can be seen holding this iconic SMG at 1:10.

AK-74u: The paratrooper variant of the AK-74u (which Call of Duty will no doubt describe as an SMG) can be seen for a brief moment at 3:59 during the gameplay preview.

KRISS Vector: We can see the character we play as holding one in the first half of the gameplay preview.

SIG MPX: You can see two operators holding MPXs as they ascend the stairs in the reveal trailer at 1:29.

Assault Rifles In Modern Warfare 2

FN SCAR-L: Seen in the reveal trailer at 0:01, and we can almost certainly assume that a conversion kit is available for this weapon so that we can make a SCAR-H.

Honey Badger: Ghost is holding one in the reveal trailer multiple times, you can see the distinctive collapsible stock at 0:39.

M4: Obviously there was going to be a modern variant of the AR-15, quite a few in fact. We can see the picatinny rail and .556 magazines on what looks to be the M4 at 0:51 during the reveal trail.

AK-74: Seen in the reveal trailer at 1:01, nothing fancy, not one of the new AK-12s, just a bog-standard AK-74.

MCX-Spear: Soap is holding an MCX as opposed to an M4 in the shot at 1:36 in the reveal trailer.

Marksman Rifles In Modern Warfare 2

SU-16: Yep, a Kel-Tec rifle actually made it into a game claiming to be "tacticool". Who are we kidding, the more, the merrier. You can see Ghost holding it at 0:59 of the reveal trailer.

M14: In the gameplay preview we can see one of the operators on the boat holding an M14 at 0:52.

Shotguns In Modern Warfare 2

Benelli M4: We see the character whose perspective we're watching use one in the later half of the gameplay preview.

Pistols In Modern Warfare 2

Glock 17: Seen in the reveal trailer at 0:05. Glock never sell their license to video games because they have a lot of contracts with law enforcement, so it will appear in-game under a fake generic name. But rest assured this is a Glock for all intends and purposes.

Every Attachment In Modern Warfare

G.I. Mini Reflex: In the reveal trailer we see this equipped on the Glock.

VLK 3.0x: We see this equipped on the SCAR in the gameplay preview. This was perhaps the single-best mid-range optic in Modern Warfare 2019, so it's great to see they're bringing it back.

Suppressors: We see multiple suppressors in both the reveal trailer and the gameplay preview.

Those are all the attachments we can confirm right now, but we'll update this article as soon as we have more footage from MW2 to look over.

That's all there is to say about this aspect of Modern Warfare 2. We're learning so much about this game every day, and there are loads of new gameplay features and changes to look forward to, thanks to the new engine. While you're here, why not check out one of these other exciting recent developments: