Climbing, Diving & Ledge-Hanging In Modern Warfare 2

New movement mechanics have been revealed for Modern Warfare 2, and it sounds like the game will play with verticality more than any previous title in CoD history.
Climbing Diving Ledge Hanging
Perhaps the OGs out there remember this? | © Activision

One of the most exciting parts of Modern Warfare 2's reveal has been all the new movement mechanics we're hearing about. It sounds like they want to pay particular attention to vertical movement, and have introduced new ways for us to get up and over obstacles. In this article we'll go over everything we know about the new climbing, diving, and ledge-hanging mechanics. Brace yourself, this sounds dangerously like an Assassin's Creed game...

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New Levels Of Vertical Movement In MW2

Modern Warfare 2 (and presumably Warzone 2 as they run on the same engine) will give players new options for vertical movement, including climbing, ledge hanging and diving. Here's everything we've been told about how these mechanics will work:

  • Diving: This is going to work in the same way dolphin diving did back in the day. You leap forward onto your belly, although you cannot use your weapon while leaping. The only difference is that this time around it sounds like you can leap quite high in the air, so you should be able to dive through waist-high windows, for instance.
  • Climbing: Unlike the current way we "climb" in Caldera (rapidly jumping), we'll now be able to actually put the weapon away and properly mantle and climb. This suggests that we can travel up steeper surfaces, but we haven't seen it in action yet.
  • Ledge-Hanging: Just as the name suggests, we will be able to jump at a ledge and hang on. The example Infinity Ward gave when describing this was being able to cut your chute when you're about to miss a ledge, and then jumping and grabbing it, and climbing up. Plus, we can do takedowns from the edge by pulling enemies over.

We can see these changes being met positively by the community, because they don't sound as "abusable" as slide-cancelling has been. That being said, the diving mechanic sounds like it could usher in a new age of snaking. Nobody tell Cellium...

That's all there is to say about this aspect of Modern Warfare 2. We're learning so much about this game every day, and there are loads of new gameplay features and changes to look forward to, thanks to the new engine. While you're here, why not check out one of these other exciting recent developments: