Bots Coming To Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2

Infinity Ward are reworking the SBMM for Modern Warfare 2, and part of their changes include plans to introduce bots into the lowest-skilled multiplayer lobbies. Here's what we know so far.
Bots in MW2
Price isn't angry, he's just disappointed. | © Activision

This isn't a joke article about bad players. Actual bots are coming to Modern Warfare 2. But this isn't going to be done in the terrible way that Battlefield 2042 tried to introduce bots. No, this actually sounds like quite a smart and well-meaning change. And before you start freaking out, if you're even moderately skilled, the bots are being put in the game for your sake, don't worry. Here's what we know about bots in Modern Warfare 2.

Skill-Based Matchmaking Changes: Bots For Low-Skill Lobbies

As first reported by leaker Ralph Valve for whatifgaming, Modern Warfare 2 is going to introduce big changes to the skill-based matchmaking in CoD, including bots in the lowest-skilled lobbies. The system will apparently be able to track with precision exactly how "good" a player is, and if they're terrible, they can play against bots:

With the breakdown of the SBMM system, there are alleged plans to incorporate Bot Pools (PvPvE), for the new DMZ mode, and Warzone 2, on the condition that a player’s statistics are eligible to enter these lobbies. With the overhaul in AI, they’ll be able to track a players’ level of skill throughout a match, leveling and countering ‘Smurfs’ or outright removing the player from the matches.

But before you start complaining about how uncompetitive the changes sounds, the devs are doing it for a great reason:

An associate asserted that this particular system would cater to a specific set subsection of players in mind, the handicapped.

If that's why they're doing this, then who can complain? Making the game more inclusive and accessible is a great thing for the franchise, and we wish Infinity Ward all the best at making it working smoothly.

Obviously certain players will be trying to beat the system to get into bot lobbies, and for those folks, we've got the perfect guide...