Watch The Modern Warfare II Reveal Trailer Here!

We finally know when the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will be officially revealed.

Modern Warfare 2 Steam
Here we go... | © Activision

The next Call of Duty will be the successor to Modern Warfare 2019 and will be called Modern Warfare II. This is nothing new by now, after all, we have already received heaps of leaks about the game. We already gave info about maps, weapons, gameplay, the new engine and even the campaign and the new mode DMZ. We've summarized all the info we've gotten so far for you here:

But now Modern Warfare II has finally been officially unveiled. And hey, you can watch it right here.

The Modern Warfare II Reveal Trailer

You can watch the Modern Warfare II reveal trailer right here:

Wow. If nothing else this Call of Duty is going to look simply phenomenal. The animations and characters look lifelike. Plus we got a small insight into the theme of the game, and it confirms the leaks that suggested this CoD would focus on South America and the cartels. Also, the reveal trailer confirmed that you can get access to the open beta if you pre-order Modern Warfare II (as always in Call of Duty).

We didn't get to see gameplay, or anything truly "revealing", but this was only ever going to show us so much. However, a complete trailer for Modern Warfare II should be available by August at the latest. Until then, we will surely get some more leaks, and we already have the first information about Warzone 2.