Warzone 2 | Whole Map Leaked, Including Every POI!

In the same report which revealed that Call of Duty will still come to PlayStation, despite the Microsoft acquisition, Bloomberg has revealed that Warzone 2 is coming.
Warzone 2 release date
Warzone 2 is on its way! What will it be called, and what will it be? | © Activision

According to a report from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, Activision will be releasing Warzone 2 on all platforms, including PlayStation systems, in 2023. It seems that a new version of the free-to-play Battle Royale is in development, or is at least planned. It will most likely be developed again by Infinity Ward and Raven Software, who were also responsible for the original Warzone.

It might seem a little bit like conjecture, because it is, but we imagine that Raven Software will have started developing – or at least pre-development – after the launch of Warzone's new Caldera Pacific map. It doesn't really make sense that they would have fired QA testers if they are building a new game, though, so we're not really sure about how likely all this is.

The original Warzone was actually developed by Infinity Ward, but development got handed over to Raven Software, who now has total creative control, after Infinity Ward started development on Modern Warfare II (2022). It was a hugely successful game that still makes headlines, even two years after launch, and is now the base-level Call of Duty game, with other mainline releases basically turning into glorified level grinding for Warzone.

Whether Warzone 2 will be a huge departure from the current version of Warzone is unknown, but also unlikely. Activision Blizzard have a long history of basically doing nothing to make their games new and interesting, so we can expect it to be pretty much exactly the same game as last time, but with prettier graphics and better optimized. We're not complaining, though, Warzone is pretty fantastic, and the new map is pretty good, so we're quite keen to see how it turns out.

Everything We Know About Warzone 2

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Expected Platforms

We expect that Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will be a next-gen exclusive, coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC. As we discussed above, as well as in our article on Call of Duty's possible Xbox-exclusivity, we don't think that Warzone 2 will be exclusive to Xbox, but we do expect that it will not come to last-gen consoles like the PS4 or the Xbox One. This is okay, though, as those platforms are kind of old now. It's time to move on with our lives!

What Weapons & Maps Will Come to Warzone 2?

It is not yet known what weapons will be included in Warzone 2, but we already have the first rumors about a new map. We assume that a new map for Warzone will be released this year with Modern Warfare II (2022), as it is the next entry from Infinity Ward, the original developers of Warzone. Warzone 2, however, will probably come out with a brand-new map as well. According to initial leaks, this map could be set in South America and be heavily inspired by the Colombian city of Medellin. Here we have a more detailed article about the new Warzone 2 map.

What Gameplay Changes Can We Expect from Warzone 2?

All we know about Warzone 2 is that Tom Henderson, a prolific Call of Duty leaker, has reported that it will be a "clean slate" for the Battle Royale. It will likely, as we just discussed, get a new map, but will also not integrate any of the gameplay or features from previous Call of Duty games or versions of Warzone. That means no gameplay features from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, nothing from Modern Warfare (2019), nothing from Vanguard and nothing from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022).

We expect that, seeing as this is a Call of Duty: Warzone game, it will be a Battle Royale. We also assume that they will, much like they did with the Vanguard integration, add some cool new features. With Vanguard, we got aeroplanes and the new Caldera Map, with Black Ops Cold War we got Rebirth Island and then the Nuke Event, so surely there will be some big changes coming when Raven Software release an entirely new version of Warzone.

Are Loadouts Returning In Warzone 2?

The first thing Nero touches on are the loadouts. Love them or hate them, they have become a big part of what makes Warzone, well, Warzone. If you're a fan of Loadouts, you'll be happy to hear that they will be returning to Warzone 2. Apparently this time around, the loadouts will be secured in "strongholds" and to get to your loadout, you'll have to complete a task. These tasks vary from killing AI units or defusing a bomb of some kind, that's all we know so far.

Are Pro Perks Returning To Warzone 2?

The next thing Nero touches on are the perks. Although no details about the perks have been revealed, Nero says we can expect a return of the Pro Perks system, like the one in MW3. If this is true, we can expect the same thing for Modern Warfare 2, as these games share a relationship similar to Warzone and Modern Warfare 2019. Hopefully, this will lead to a healthier Perk Meta and more variety in Warzone 2.

Will Armour Plates Be Returning To Warzone 2?

Giving players extra health seems to be a big part of the battle royal genre, and there are different ways of doing this. This won't be changing in Warzone 2, but it seems they might have revamped the armor system introduced in Warzone 1. This time around, you won't be landing with 2 plates already equipped. Instead, you'll only be able to equip armor when you've found a satchel, that allows you to carry these armor plates. Definitely a very different approach, and we just have to wait and see how this system plays out.

Warzone 2 Will Get New Looting System

Another thing Nero talks about in his video, is a change to the loot and how much each player can carry. According to him, Warzone 2 will make a return to the "bag style" looting system we've previously seen in Blackout or PUBG. This limits the number of things a player can carry and how you approach each situation. For example, you could be able to carry a third weapon. If you choose to carry an extra weapon, you'll be sacrificing in other areas like ammo or healing which will make for a lot of variety and strategies in Warzone 2.

Will Slide Cancelling Return In Warzone 2?

One of the bigger things Nero talks about, is the fact that there appears to be no more slide cancelling in Warzone 2. Pretty sure this change is going to make a lot of people very happy. Nero does say that normal sliding will be returning, so I guess it's only a matter of time until someone figures out a way to slide cancel again? Hopefully, this time, they will keep a good eye on the mechanic and make sure it works as intended.

Will Warzone 2 Have A Firing Range?

A major thing Nero mentions, is the introduction of firing range in Warzone 2. While there have been firing ranges in CoD before (WW2, for example), a lot of people expected one in Warzone. We can only hope that this leak holds true. It would make testing weapons and attachments a lot easier. Nero also mentions the display of damage numbers, when shooting the dummies. I guess YouTubers like JGOD and TGD are probably salivating at the sound of that. This would truly be a welcome addition to Warzone and hopefully Activision does implement it into their game.

What is the Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Release Date?

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will probably be released in March 2023. The leaker TheGhostOfHope recently posted this release date after talking to several sources.

Along with the many leaks and predictions discussed in this article, we have a lot of uncertainties. From Call of Duty's non-Xbox fate being on the line, to any of the map and weapon changes that we could expect from Warzone 2, to any announcement at all, there's basically nothing officially known about the game. What we can expect, though, is a real revamp, and brand new Battle Royale, and plenty of explosions.

More and more leaks seem to be hitting the internet as we approach the date of the reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 2 on June 8th. Yesterday, we got a lot of leaks concerning the gameplay related stuff in Warzone 2. Today, parts of the new map were leaked, and you might be familiar with them.

The Warzone 2 Map

After we just recently got the drawing of the map, including POIs, from leaker Tom Henderson, there is now already a first picture of the map as it might really look like:

Warzone 2 map image
This is how the Warzone 2 map could look like. | © Emadalden

Once again, it will be a peninsula, which is a good choice for a Battle Royale. We are already curious if the maps will change until the release...

New Rebirth-sized Map for Warzone 2

According to our favorite leaker Tom Henderson, a second map for Warzone 2 is already in development, which will be about the size of Rebirth Island. However, this second map will be released after the launch of Warzone 2.

If Warzone 2 follows a similar schedule as Warzone, we expect the second, smaller map to be released in late 2023.

Fan Favorite MW2 Maps Returning To Warzone 2

As reported by trusted leaker Tom Henderson, we already knew that some maps from the original MW 2 were going to be in this year's new Call of Duty. Remakes have always been a part of newer Call of Duty, so this was no surprise to us. According to leaks that surfaced over the last 2 days, these maps will also play a big part in the new Warzone 2 map. Just like Verdansk, which had maps integrated into parts of the map, Warzone 2 will feature similar features. Our best guess, it will be like Scrapyard, which was a part of the Zhokov Boneyard in Verdansk. So, what classic MW2 maps are making a return?


Highrise MW2 Remaster
Anyone else know all the glitch spots? | © Activision

One of the POIs on the new Warzone 2 map will be Highrise. According to Tom Henderson, this part is known as "Modern City" and is located somewhere on the top right of the map. This POI will supposedly feature several tall buildings, kinda like Downtown in Verdansk. Now we have to deal with roof camping snipers all over again.


Quarry MW2
1 AC-130 and you were done for. | © Activision

Quarry was also one of the fan favorites back in the day. You could really farm nukes on this map. This POI will be located on the top left of the new map, and it will keep its original name. Hopefully, these stones are easier to climb than the rocks in Verdansk.


Terminal MW2 Remaster
Does it get more classic than this map? I don´t think so | © Activision

Terminal is a map everyone knows and loves, and it will make a return in Warzone 2. This POI can be found on the bottom right of the map and will also feature one of the new strongholds. To no surprise, this POI will be known as "Airport". Seems like we can expect an airport in every Warzone map going forward. Hopefully, this time, they leave the planes on the ground, am I right?


Afgan MW2
360 no scope off the cliff in Warzone would make a sick ending | © Activision

Afghan will make a reappearance and be located in the middle of the map under the name "caves". Apparently, next to this POI, you'll be able to find Favela under the name "Mountain Town", but Favela was never mentioned by name in any of the leaks, so we can't be as certain.

And those are all the maps that were mentioned in the leaks. If you're an MW2 OG, I guess this will get your blood flowing. As these maps are all part of Warzone 2, we can expect some if not all of them in MW2 2022. Does this get you excited for MW2 and Warzone 2? Or do you think it's a bit lazy by the devs?

That's it! We will keep updating this article as leaks and official infos keep popping up.