Modern Warfare II's ‘Tarkov’ Mode DMZ Will Not Be Free-To-Play

Modern Warfare II's third mode will not be Zombie or even Spec-Ops this year, we're getting a mode called DMZ instead. This is apparently like Tarkov, and we've just heard some new rumours about it.
DMZ mode MW2
What will this mode involve? | © Activision

Modern Warfare II's third-mode will be called DMZ, and it's basically Call of Duty's take on Escape From Tarkov. We've been excited about this mode since we first heard of it, because it seems like the perfect co-op experience to sit alongside Warzone. And it's going to be especially needed if MWII will have a 2-year cycle, because that's a long time to make people wait without Zombies.

Previously we assumed that the DMZ mode won't arrive at launch though, instead, it's going to arrive a few months afterwards in early 2023, and it's going to be free-to-play, like Warzone. This was first reported by a known MW2 leaker called Ralph:

Given the two-year space, Infinity Ward wiped the slate clean and revisited their content schedule; assigning the rumoured, ‘DMZ’ to release Q1, 2023, on the condition that Modern Warfare II, and Warzone 2.0 meets expectations.

But now well known leaker Tom Henderson reported that in fact the DMZ mode will not be free-to-play. Instead, it will be tied to MWII as another mode.

Treyarch & Infinity Ward Will Be Working On DMZ Together

It's not much to go on right now, but according to leaks, the DMZ won't be developed by Infinity Ward alone, instead, Treyarch will also have a hand in the mode. We've known for some time now that Treyarch would be releasing a free to play title in 2023, but could that title actually be Modern Warfare 2's third mode DMZ? Well, it could be another free-to-play title but, as we now know, not the DMZ mode for MWII.

Treyarch Infinity Ward
Are these 2 major studios working together? | © Activision & @TheGhostOfHope

According to @TheGhostOfHope, who is a very reliable CoD leaker, Treyarch and Infinity Ward are working on a title together. What title this is supposed to be, no one knows yet, but thanks to Tom we can now confirm that DMZ will not be the free-to-play title. However, he does mention it could become free-to-play in the future.

The DMZ mode is sounding cooler and cooler by the minute. The CoD community is split up into 2 factions, like the Marvel and DC fans. You either prefer Treyarch's style or Infinity Ward's style, but getting the best of 2 Worlds in this new game just sounds truly awesome. Imagine Infinity Ward's graphics, with Treyarch's gameplay design. Now that sounds like a game I could get behind. There isn't a lot of Info about DMZ and Treyarch's title, but hopefully we will get some more in the upcoming months, when the release of MWII inches closer. But we are super hyped for this mode.

How Will Modern Warfare II's DMZ Mode Work?

In Modern Warfare 2's DMZ mode, players will drop onto a large map in teams, fight against bots and other players, and complete certain objectives before heading to an exfiltration point. This kind of mode is intended to bring the excitement of a Battle Royale, with its larger maps and survival elements, to players who prefer co-op, PvE experiences. Something like this has been done successfully before in the game Escape from Tarkov, and Battlefield 2042 tried to a mode like this called Hazard Zone (but their version was terrible).

We don't have exact details, but players will probably need to complete either a certain amount of contracts, or will need to collect a certain amount of a specific resource, before they can exfil. That's how these modes typically work. And along the way, there will probably be lots of POIs protected by bots, and a few rival teams lurking in the bushes.

Will DMZ Be Played On The Warzone Maps?

Yes, the DMZ mode will almost certainly be played on Warzone maps, but we don't have an official confirmation of this yet. Modes like the DMZ require BR-sized maps, and they won't waste time creating new ones when they don't know how successful this mode is going to be. It just makes perfect sense for them to re-use older maps instead. Hopefully the new Fortune's Keep map that everyone's loving will get some use here.

What do you think about this new mode, based on what you've heard so far? Are you excited for it? We're feeling cautiously optimistic, so long as Infinity Ward can build on their successes with PvE from the past.