Warzone 2.0's DMZ: Everything You Need To Know | Release Date, Missions & More

Warzone 2.0 will launch with a new mode called the DMZ. This is apparently like Tarkov, and here's what we know about it so far.

Warzone 2's new mode will be called the DMZ, and it's basically Call of Duty's take on Escape From Tarkov. We've been excited about this mode since we first heard of it, because it seems like the perfect co-op experience to sit alongside Warzone. And it's going to be especially needed if MW2 will have a 2-year cycle, because we'll need all the content we can get. So let's get into the details.

When Will The DMZ Mode Be Released?

DMZ will be released when Warzone 2 is on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 at 10AM PT (1PM ET / 6PM GMT / 7PM CET). It will be playable from the Warzone launcher, and we expect cross-progression with the BR.

Is DMZ Going To Be Free?

Yes, we think it will be, as it's more part of Warzone than it is Modern Warfare 2. As soon as we can, we will of course update you.

How Will Warzone 2's DMZ Mode Work?

In Modern Warfare 2's DMZ mode, players will drop onto a large map in teams of three, fight against bots and other players, and complete certain objectives before heading to an exfiltration point. The objectives you need to complete will include saving hostages, fighting bosses, taking over strongholds, and collecting key pieces of intel.

This kind of mode is intended to bring the excitement of a Battle Royale, with its larger maps and survival elements, to players who prefer co-op, PvE experiences. Something like this has been done successfully before in the game Escape from Tarkov, and Battlefield 2042 tried it too with a mode called Hazard Zone (but their version was terrible).

Okay, that was a basic overview, but here are the core mechanics you need to understand about the DMZ.

Stash / Inventory

In DMZ, you have your own "inventory" of items. You earn stuff during the match, like finding an AK or a good sniper, and then if you exfiltrate the DMZ alive you get to keep it and use it from the very beginning of future matches. If you die during a match then you lose the item forever. Everything you earn is kept in your stash.

The only exception to losing items upon death is when you have an "insured" item. This basically means the item will come back after a certain time even if you lose it in a game. At the start of the DMZ everyone gets one insured primary weapon slot for free, but to get more insured weapon slots you need to spend the DMZ's own currency "DMZ Cash". You can acquire DMZ cash by completing missions or finding high-value items that have no military use, like gold blocks, that can be extracted and sold.

Infil: Choosing Loadouts & Missions

At the start of each game of DMZ you can pick items from your stash to bring, and you can select missions to complete. If you extracted loads of useful items to your stash in a previous game then you could theoretically start with a backpack full of everything you need and great weapons, and this is how you could go for high-value targets at the very start of a DMZ match.

The missions you choose will guide what you do in DMZ for the majority of the match. The missions are offered by three different factions (the Legion, White Lotus, and Black Mous) and by completing missions you level up that Faction’s Mission Tiers. The higher the Faction's Mission Tiers, the better and more difficult Mission's you can accept. But if you do harder missions you get better rewards like unique blueprints.

Completing Missions

Inside the exclusion zone you're free to go about the match as you see fit. You could literally just explore the map and do none of the challenges, and you would still get to keep all the loot you found if you extracted safely. This is very much a free and open mode for those who prefer more relaxed experiences.

There are no circle collapses, but occasionally sandstorms will occur and radiation will increase in certain parts of the map. This is all related to some secret thing going on that we will discover in later seasons. For now, the important thing to note is that you can pretty much play the DMZ however you want, and you can just use it as a chance to better explore and learn the new Warzone map.

Exfil: Taking Home The Loot

Everyone needs to exfil from the same area, and doing so will allow players to add everything in their backpack to their stash back home. It's simple really, and it's as close to Tarkov as we were hoping, but what a shame they didn't include a DMZ specific shop where we could buy things with DMZ cash.

Will DMZ Be Played On The Warzone Maps?

Yes, the DMZ mode will almost certainly be played on the Warzone 2 map, Al Mazrah. Modes like the DMZ require BR-sized maps, and they won't waste time creating new ones when they don't know how successful this mode is going to be. It just makes perfect sense for them to re-use the Warzone map instead.

What do you think about this new mode, based on what you've heard so far? Are you excited about it? We're feeling cautiously optimistic, so long as Infinity Ward can build on their successes with PvE from the past.