Battlefield 2042's Hazard Zone Mode Explained

Hazard Zone is one of Battlefield 2042's three core experiences, alongside Multiplayer and Portal. A lot of us thought Hazard Zone would basically be the game's Battle Royale, but it's actually quite different from a regular BR. Here's a complete guide to the mode.

Hazard Zone Guide
You're going to want to travel stealthily in Hazard Zone | © EA

In 2040, a disaster destroyed 70% of the world's satellites. This plunged the world into chaos, and tensions worsened between the two major powers: Russia and the US. Temporary satellites have become important for both sides. And these temporary Satellite Pods contain critical Data Drives. Hazard Zone is about acquiring precious Data Drives.

What Is Hazard Zone?

In Hazard Zone, you land in an area where Satellite Pods have fallen, and then you traverse the map, fighting other teams and trying to collect as many Data Drives from the Pods as you can before extracting. So this is far more objective-focused than a BR would be. Hazard Zone is also quite a bit smaller than comparable BR modes. On Xbox One & PS4 the game is made up of six teams of four (24 players total), while on PC, PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S, Hazard Zone is playable with up to eight teams of four (32 players total). You can't pick the same Specialist as your squad mates, though, so think wisely about which gadgets and equipment you're bringing as a team!

What's The Objective Of Hazard Zone?

Find and collect Data Drives, then try to extract them - the game ends (for you) when you successfully extract or if you're killed. The Data Drives can be exchanged for Dark Market Credits, and these can be used in future Hazard Zone games to buy equipment before insertion. But there's a twist.

You can just go in, loot the place for Data Drives and get out when the first extraction Condor comes. But if you choose to stay in the game, then you can go for broke - risking everything to fight the remaining players for a final extraction that comes at the end of the game. If you fight everyone until the end and get the last extraction for your team, then you've effectively 'won'.

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What Are The Five Phases Of Hazard Zone?

Phase 1 - Strategize & Equip

This is where you spend your Dark Market Credits to buy weapons, equipment, "tactical upgrades specific to Hazard Zone" (we don't know what yet), and buybacks. You buy these things before the game and then start with them.

You're also given a little intel in this phase on exactly where in the map you will land and approximately how many rival teams you should expect in the area.

Phase 2 - Insert

You're dropped onto the pre-determined position on the map. Presumably, this is done by a Condor, the same vehicle that comes to extract you later.

Phase 3 - Retrieval

In this phase, you explore the map looking for crashed Satellite Pods, which contain Data Drives. You can bring a piece of equipment called an Intel Scanner, and this will show you the direction of nearby Data Drives.

At about the midpoint in the game, more Satellite Pods land on the map, these contain even more valuable Data Drives than the Pods which start on the map.

Phase 4 - First Extraction

Your team will be given their own extraction location at a random point on the map. If you've already got a few Data Drives and you just want to bug out, then you can head to the extraction point and leave the game with all of your rewards. But, and this is a big but, you can choose to stay in the game if you're feeling confident, and you want the full victory.

Phase 5 - Second Extraction

If you've chosen to stay in the game, then you go through to this final phase. This phase is much closer to the ending of a traditional BR - the playable map shrinks and only one team is able to make it out alive. So at this point, it's about all-out survival, and the team that get the extraction out are crowned the winners.

What Maps Can You Play Hazard Zone On?

Hazard Zone is played on all seven of the Battlefield 2042 maps - it will not include the remastered maps coming to Portal, and it will not have its own dedicated map. This is one of the more disappointing pieces of news about this game, but remember, it is only playable with a maximum of eight teams, so it shouldn't feel cramped on the normal maps.

What Equipment Can You Use In Hazard Zone?

There is going to be Hazard Zone-specific equipment that you can buy for yourself in pre-game with Dark Market Credits, and besides this equipment, you're allowed all the ordinary weapons and gadgets from the base game. As soon as we know more about the special Hazard Zone equipment, we'll let you know, the only thing we've heard about so far is the Intel Scanner. This will allow you to scan for nearby Data Drives - even when they're being carried by another team.

What Vehicles Can You Use In Hazard Zone?

A Condor will extract you from the Hazard Zone, and the trailer shows a LATV 4 Recon vehicle being used during the match, but we doubt you'll get the full selection. You should almost certainly expect well-armored ground vehicles and probably every flying vehicle to be removed. For obvious reasons, these would be too broken.

How Do Deaths And Buy Backs Work In Hazard Zone?

When you die you go into a downed state and can crawl around and be revived, but if you are killed while downed and properly die you will spectate the match. Your team can either find a Reinforcement Uplink to buy you back or they can use the one they bought in pre-game (provided they did buy one).

But you don't need to know about the death mechanics, you're going to go out there and bring home the dubs. Good luck!

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