Movement Mechanics In MW2 | Dolphin Diving, Ledge-Hanging & No More Slide-Cancelling!

Infinity Ward are turning back the clock in Modern Warfare 2. We're getting some legacy movement and no more slide-cancelling!

Last Stand Dolphin Diving Classic Minimap
Looks like they want to win over some of the vets. | © Activision Blizzard

Modern Warfare 2 was expected to follow in the same footsteps as Modern Warfare 2019. It was meant to be a tac-sprint CoD, with doors and windows, and a modernized (but terrible) minimap system. So... a commercial success, but divisive among the core fanbase. However, as we discovered during Call of Duty Next, they're trying to win the hearts of older fans back by giving us legacy features.

Movement Mechanics In Modern Warfare 2: Sliding, Tac-Sprint, Dolphin Diving & Ledge-Hanging

Sliding & Slide-Cancelling In MW2

Yes, you can still slide in Modern Warfare 2, but no-one will be slide-cancelling anymore. This is because they've removed the ability to shoot while sliding by imposing a 400ms (approx.) delay before you can fire again once you begin the slide. So it's no longer a movement that can be used offensively, although to evade snipers and escape round corners, we're sure sliding will still be used a bit.

Tac-Sprint In MW2

The Tactical Sprint is back in the game, as the fastest way to move. It's going to work in the same way as it did before, and Auto Tac-Sprint is also an option once again.

Dolphin Diving In MW2

Dolphin Diving has now been officially confirmed for MW2, which is an older CoD mechanic for transitioning straight from Sprint to Prone by diving forward. This might become the new offensive movement mechanic, but we'll need to properly test the game to be sure. We're pretty sure we know a guy that will find a way to break the movement.

Ledge-Hanging In MW2

Ledge-Hanging is a brand-new movement mechanic that will be exactly what it sounds like: you can hang from ledges rather than just climb up them. In fact, you'll even be able to fire your sidearm while ledge-hanging, like you can when ascending a ladder currently. We aren't sure if ledge-hanging will have much practical purpose, but it looks cool.

Silent Walk

Rejoice, Search and Destroy will be playable! The devs have confirmed that when walking at 25% speed or less you will be completely silent. No more of these "where to put Dead Silence, perk or field upgrade" arguments, now we all have it by default (kinda).

If Infinity Ward needs any other ideas on what features from older CoD games they should remaster, we have a few ideas: