Free-To-Play CoD Game Confirmed For 2023

We've recently been made aware of Call of Duty's plans to release a free-to-play title in 2023 - will it be a Zombies standalone, or a CoD mobile-style game?

Free To Play Co D Game Confirmed For 2023
That's right Ghost, another F2P! | © Activision Blizzard

A ton of major changes have been rumored for Call of Duty since Microsoft acquired Activision. First we heard that there wouldn't even be a 2023 Call of Duty game, then, that Warzone 2 was actually arriving in 2023, and now, we're hearing about a F2P game launching alongside Warzone 2. Where to start? Well, here's everything we know about the free-to-play title planned for 2023.

Free-To-Play Game Launching Alongside Warzone 2 In 2023

A recent leak has revealed that Treyarch are working on a new free-to-play title for 2023, which is entirely separate from Warzone 2. This comes from a leaker who's been proven correct on a number of claims in the past, so we're fairly confident. Here's what they said:

He's right, Treyarch must be hugely overloaded with work right now. But they're a capable bunch, and the community have more faith in them than any other CoD studio. So, what kind of game will they make this free-to-play title? There are really only two options: a Zombies standalone game or a CoD-mobile-style multiplayer-only game.

A Zombies Standalone game has been rumored for years, and it does make sense, because there's a huge community of players who buy CoD games exclusively for Zombies and only play that mode. But, that community is dwarfed by the multiplayer fanbase, so we think it's more likely this is a multiplayer-only game. And CoD Mobile has given them a clear blueprint to make this work: throw together the best maps, and the most beloved weapons from all of CoD history, and then make it a live-service style game. This would also massively help out the competitive CoD scene, which has always been hampered by having to adjust to new games and new maps every year.

We'll update you as soon as we hear more about this title.