Will CoD 2023's Rumored Delay Hurt Warzone?

The rumored delay of Call of Duty's 2023 entry will surely elicit a lot of debate in the community. For JGOD, though, it has him concerned about Warzone's future.

Cod 2023 hurt warzone
Well, Warzone is already in trouble, so who cares? | © Activision

Once more, it seems that JGOD has an opinion that we should apparently listen to. This Call of Duty streamer has been enjoying Warzone Pacific apparently, and is concerned that CoD 2023's rumored delay will seriously hurt Warzone. This all seems a little odd, seeing as Activision has more-or-less rejected the rumors in question and Warzone is already in a state where things could really only get better, not worse, if Activision actually want people to keep playing it.

With Call of Duty: Vanguard floundering in the community, people are increasingly turning towards Warzone and this year's Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2, to relieve them from the disappointment. Now, the thing is, Infinity Ward's next entry in the series is not even confirmed yet, so the idea that it will be the last CoD for the next two years has fans on edge. That it would further ruin Warzone, though? Well, let's take a look at what the guy has to say before we draw judgement.

Some quick context before we begin, however. Rumors are circling around when we will get a Call of Duty: Warzone 2, and what it would be. Now, since Bloomberg's damning report, forums are ablaze and – as a result – content creators like JGOD have tons of stuff to milk for those sweet, sweet views. It never matters that Activision's press department has actively denied the claims, of course, but the rumor contains a little nugget that's important for this story: Warzone 2 will likely be a new free-to-play game that will replace what we would have traditionally received in 2023.

So Why Does JGOD Think Warzone will be Ruined?

JGOD is convinced that, if rumors are true, Warzone will be ruined by a delayed Call of Duty 2023 as the game will no longer receive new content. His argument here is that Warzone 2 will release as Modern Warfare 2's new Battle Royale mode, as Warzone did with Modern Warfare (2019). It is not a bad argument, as this would certainly disinsentivize Activision from investing much in the current version of the game.

The assertion made by JGOD is that the current Warzone will basically be in "a kind of limbo" until Warzone 2 is out and drops all of the Modern Warfare 2-related content, starting the seasonal cycle once again from the beginning. We imagine that if Warzone 2 is, in fact, Call of Duty 2023, then we can probably expect it relatively early in the year so that the gap between Modern Warfare 2's release and the new Warzone's release isn't too big.

You see, JGOD's statement that the last few years of Call of Duty have been lackluster is absolutely correct, but it is also uncertain how Activision seek to remedy this problem. It certainly doesn't look like OG Warzone is going to get much love:

So unfortunately... I don't think that MW2 is going to be integrated into Warzone [1] at all, and that's kind of been the leaks and the rumors, and that means that you're not going to get really any new content for Warzone 1, other than... I know that they're still supposed to be dropping some weapons for Cold War which will eventually be added to Warzone and then there are all of the Vanguard weapons for this entire Season. But once MW2 drops there will probably be almost no new content in Warzone all the way until Warzone 2 launches other than the Seasonal Patch Update and some maybe one-off weapons here or there. I don't think that they're going to be supported by full Seasons.

Okay so the first thing to say here is pretty simple: dude, learn how to talk or at least edit together your words so that they are a little bit coherent. The basic message here, however incomprehensible, is actually pretty sound though. Warzone will continue to be supported with Vanguard content and maybe a few more Black Ops Cold War guns and stuff. This will continue until Modern Warfare 2 launches later this year.

Once Modern Warfare 2 drops then we will likely see very little new content for original Warzone until the new free-to-play game drops in 2023. That will then serve as the new Warzone and will be the standard Battle Royale games-as-a-service title for the franchise. This would then serve in that role for at least the following two years, under the umbrella of Modern Warfare 2. There you go, simple and easy. Very straight forward. Totally logical. We'll have to wait and see. As usual, nothing has actually been verified. Bye.