How To Destroy Armored Convoy Trucks In Warzone

With Season 2, Warzone introduced not only new weapons, operators and the Nebula V gas, but also armored convoys. How do you find the convoys? How do you destroy them? And what do you get out of them anyway?

Warzone armored convoy
Whoever cracks the tin can gets a lot of loot. | © Activision

Warzone Season 2 is in full swing, and we have already talked in detail about the two new weapons, the Whitley LMG and the KG M40 assault rifle. We've also talked about the new Nebula V gas and equipment that comes with it. But what about the new armored trucks that are suddenly appearing on Caldera? Today we'll take a look at the new AI-controlled armored convoys and tell you how to find and destroy them. Of course, we'll also explain why you should do this in the first place...

Where Are The Armored Convoys In Warzone?

The armored convoys will appear as a red vehicle icon on the Tac Map for all players. At the start of a new match – whether Battle Royale, Vanguard Royale, or Plunder – open the Tac Map and look for a red truck icon. You can also mark the convoy on the map, like a Contract or similar. The armored convoys are AI-controlled, as mentioned before, and if they are not destroyed, they will follow a predetermined path on Caldera, so you can also wait for them if you follow the corresponding road – convoys never leave the road.

How To Destroy An Armored Convoy Truck?

Armored convoys can be damaged by bullets or explosives. Of course, rocket launchers or grenades are most effective. If you want to destroy a convoy, you should ideally have a Panzerschreck rocket launcher with you, which can destroy a truck with 3-5 rockets, depending on where you hit it (3 hits from the front, 5 from the back). However, since rocket launchers are relatively useless in Warzone apart from destroying armored trucks, few players will actually have one in their loadout. In this case, we recommend C4, Semtex or Thermite, all of which stick to the Truck and do decent damage. A huge LMG like the Whitley also works, of course.

But always remember that the armored convoys will attack any player within range. The trucks will mainly shoot at you with machine guns, but they will also scatter mines and grenades. However, if you focus down a convoy truck with your whole squad, it will explode very quickly, so hardly anything can actually happen to you.

What Do I Get From An Armored Convoy?

What are we doing all this for anyway? Loot, of course! The trucks drop some loot when they've taken enough damage, including ammo, C4, and armor plates. In our tests, these items were dropped after every missile hit. When the armored truck is completely destroyed, it leaves behind a lot of cash, killstreaks, and field upgrades. Especially the very rare Nebula V bombs can be worth the effort. The only other place where we are guaranteed to find Nebula V equipment is the recently opened hatches in Caldera.

Especially in Plunder, it can be worthwhile to go after a convoy right at the start of the match with a Panzerschreck loadout. Get the kill, and you already have a big cash advantage thanks to the generous loot the truck drops.

That's all there is to know about the armored convoys in Warzone. But always remember that all players will see the convoys on the Tac Map, so you won't be the only ones out for the loot. Always keep your eyes open so that an enemy squad doesn't stab you in the back in the middle of your fight with the armored truck.