Warzone: What Is Vanguard Royale?

Warzone's new Pacific map Caldera will feature the classic Battle Royale, as well as a new mode called Vanguard Royale. But, what is Vanguard Royale and how is it different from the classic BR?

Vanguard Warzone Royale
The new map looks wonderfully vibrant. | © Activision Blizzard

At 09:00 PT on Wednesday, December 8, Warzone's Verdansk was finally replaced with the new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera, but when players first log in to start playing on the new map, they'll be confronted with some brand new game modes alongside the classic Battle Royale:

  • Vanguard Royale
  • Vanguard Resurgence
  • Vanguard Plunder

What are these modes? And, how are they different from the Verdansk versions?

How Does Vanguard Royale Work?

The Rules

The main gameplay difference between Vanguard Royale and Battle Royale is that the circle collapses faster and we only can use Vanguard weapons. There are still 150 players in each lobby, but the circle will close in more quickly. Also, when each circle closes, a new event will begin, which should keep the game feeling very active.

A number of content creators were able to play the new mode ahead of time, and they all seemed to agree on one point best articulated by TheXclusiveAce in this video. He said in Vanguard Royale, the mid-game doesn't lag like it does in Battle Royale, and the pace stays quite intense throughout. That being said, the new map offers a lot of natural environments to hide in, so it should still be enjoyable for those who prefer passive play.

Vanguard Royale changes
Here are all the changes for Vanguard Royale. | © Activision

Weapons & Equipment

In Vanguard Royale, you can only use weapons, grenades, and tactical equipment from Call of Duty: Vanguard. You will not be able to use loadouts that contain any of the BOCW or Modern Warfare weapons or equipment (including the Heartbeat Sensor). So maybe it's time to get levelling...


A huge emphasis in Vanguard Royale is placed on dogfighting, and gunning down the enemy airplanes. As such, in Vanguard Royale there are a ton of planes to pilot, as well as AA gun emplacements to use, but no non-WWII vehicles. Planes have room for two players and are equipped with machine guns and a sonar that can mark players and loot on the map. This is a great little addition for players who prefer to take to the skies. However, the anti-aircraft guns can be found not only on the ground, but also on the bed of some trucks, so be on your guard.

What about Vanguard Resurgence & Plunder?

Vanguard Resurgence & Plunder work in exactly the same way as they did on Rebirth and Verdansk. The difference is that in Vanguard Resurgence you can only use weapons etc. from Vanguard. In Plunder, all weapons from all games (MW/BOCW/Vanguard) can be used normally.

We think the introduction of modes using weapons exclusively from Vanguard is a great idea. We have over 170 weapons from 3 separate games in Warzone at this point, and it's getting pointless having so many when the meta invariably leads us to all playing one of five or six weapons. Plus, no Heartbeat Sensor might finally break up the ratty/stealth tactics which have been so dominant since launch.

Enjoy Caldera, and look out for the new Cooper Carbine that drops with the map, there's huge meta potential for a weapon like this. If you are looking for good sniper or AR here you go.