The Best Warzone KG M40 Loadout | Zero Recoil AR

The KG M40 was introduced in Warzone and Vanguard Season 2. Here's an overview on how to unlock the gun, and an attachment setup to use with the KG M40.

Warzone Loadout for the KG M40. | © EarlyGame

The KG M40 is one of the much heavier ARs, so it won't be favored by more aggressive players. But if you play patiently, and you like to post up and hold power positions, then you will have a lot of success with the KG M40. It has great recoil control (with the attachment setup pictured beneath), strong bullet velocity, and a competitive TTK at range. So what are we waiting for? Let's unlock this thing and get to the attachment setup.

How Do You Unlock The KG M40?

You unlock the KG M40 by reaching level 15 on the Battle Pass, and this is a free unlock, so even if you don't actually pay for the Battle Pass you will unlock this weapon once you reach the required level.Yep, unlike the mid-season weapons, the weapons available at launch can be unlocked that easily.

The Best KG M40 Attachment Setup

KG M40
Zero recoil on any distance. | © Activision
MuzzleMX Silencer
BarrelReisdorf 720mm Shrouded
OpticSVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x
StockVDD 22G Padded

M1930 Strife Angled

Magazine8mm Klauser 60 Round Drums
Rear GripGrooved Grip
Perk 2Fully Loaded

This gun was always known as the 0 recoil gun, but it just didn't have a great TTK compared to the STG and NZ. But now, it can finally shine. After the recent Nerfs to the STG and NZ, this gun will take over the meta. It has great bullet velocity, a competitive TTK and 0 recoil. And when we say 0 recoil, we really mean it, cos this gun just doesn't move. The attachment setup, gives us the most range, recoil control and bullet velocity as possible. The KG is similar to the Krig 6 when it was meta. The Krig also had 0 recoil, and it seems like the meta always favors those weapons.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For A KG M40 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For The KG M40

H4 Blixen class S4
The best secondary for our class. | © Activision

The KG excels at long range engagements, which is why we wanted to pair it with an SMG. Seemingly the best SMG for white some time now, is the Blixen. It has great TTK, low recoil, great mag size and really good mobility. Basically, the perfect cocktail when it comes to a meta SMG. This gun just does it all when it comes to close range gun fights. If you haven't unlocked it yet, give the Mac-10 a go again.

The Best Equipment For The KG M40

LethalThrowing Knife

Everyone uses this equipment setup, and for good reason. It's just super flexible. Throwing knives help us finish kills more quickly, without having to waste bullets. While, the Stim is just super flexible, and can be used both offensively and defensively.

The Best Perks For The KG M40

Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3

Combat Scout

There's nothing fancy or surprising going on here, but it's currently the meta for a reason. Cold-Blooded is the direct counter to High Alert and Combat Scout, which are two very popular perks right now, and Combat Scout is worth us taking ourselves because it's so good on the new map. Overkill is obviously a necessity for a build that uses two primary weapons like this one.

If the KG M40 wasn't the AR for you, maybe you want something lighter like the Cooper?