The Best Warzone MAC-10 Loadout | Amazing Close-Range SMG

The MAC-10 has always been strong, in fact, within 19 meters, it might be the strongest weapon in Warzone. It's certainly one of the easiest to use. So what are you waiting for? Here's the meta attachment setup and the loadout guide - get levelling!

Warzone Loadout for the Mac-10. | © EarlyGame

The MAC-10 was broken on release, but has been nerfed back into range with other weapons. It's still one of the most forgiving weapons in the game, though, with an incredibly high rate-of-fire and controllable recoil. This makes it the perfect choice for players with weaker gun skill, or simply for those who favor long-range and need something that can go 'autopilot' in close-range situations. Here's the best loadout for the Mac-10 in Warzone.

The Best MAC-10 Setup

MAC 10 Setup
Still going strong. | Activision
MuzzleAgency Suppressor
Barrel5.9" Task Force
LaserTiger Team Spotlight
StockRaider Stock
MagazineSalvo 53 Rnd Fast Mag

Not a lot that you can change with BOCW weapons, tho there is a different build with the Mac-10. You could also opt into a full mobility build, by replacing the suppressor with the bruiser grip. But that's basically it. This setup increases our recoil control, range, mobility and sprint out time. Everything you want to be improving on an SMG. The Mac-10 won't be a top tier meta gun, but it definitely is still viable and quite fun, if you want a small throwback to the BOCW days.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For A MAC-1

The Best Secondary Weapon For A MAC-10

KG M40 class
This gun is going to take over the long range meta. | © Activision

The MAC-10 is strictly close-range, so we have to find an alternative primary weapon. We've chosen the KG M40, because it has 0 recoil, a competitive TTK and is built for long range gun fights. After the recent AR nerfs, this should be the go-to gun in Warzone. Seems like we will be jumping from 0 recoil meta to 0 recoil meta. I miss the AMAX and the EM2 days.

The Best Equipment For A MAC-10

LethalThrowing Knives
TacticalSnapshot Grenades

When it comes to equipment, you should take advantage of how strong you'll be on the push with a MAC-10. This thing can absolutely fry up close. So use Snapshot Grenades to get a read on their positions then break in with the MAC, and thirst the downed players with Throwing Knives. Simple.

The Best Perks For A MAC-10

Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Overkill

Perk 3


Where you would normally take E.O.D. in the first slot, we've opted for Cold-Blooded to counter Combat Scout. We'll be taking Combat Scout ourselves while it's so strong. And then Overkill is obviously necessary because this loadout uses two primary weapons.

That was your complete rundown on the current MAC-10 meta. You'll have so much fun with this weapon, but if you're not feeling it, perhaps try the Welgun.