How To Get The Secret Boat Horn Care Package In Warzone

A secret Care Package has been discovered in Caldera after the Season 2: Reloaded patch was implemented. All you need to do is honk some boat horns, and the loot is yours. Sound fair?

Secret Boat Horn Care Package
A ton of loot, guaranteed. | © Activision Blizzard

What's the nicest way to start Warzone? Landing on some fantastic loot, of course. Be it an Orange crate, one of the new hatches, or a Caldera bunker, we all love great loot and big bags of cash. But what if we told you there was a way to guarantee legendary loot every time you dropped? That would be quite something, wouldn't it?

The Secret Docks Care Package

There's a secret care package that can be dropped on Caldera's Docks with guaranteed legendary items and cash. This is one of the strongest ways to begin a game, even if Dock's isn't in the starting circle. But to get the care package to drop, you need to interact with the boat horns, like this:

Honk the boat in docks 3 times for a MASSIVE care package! Footage courtesy of @ModernWarzone on Twitter!

Posted by EarlyGame Obsidian on Thursday, March 24, 2022

There are three boats next to it at the Northern end of the Docks, and the horns are located in the same place in each boat. You just need to ring one of the horns three times and the package drops. But beware, you can only get one crate to drop per team, per game. So it's somewhat balanced, because this won't be a game-winning strat every time.

Pretty neat trick, huh? Maybe next time you should think twice before jumping straight for Peak (although we can sympathize, Peak is clearly the funnest drop in Caldera).

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