All Warzone Bunkers: Locations, Golden Keycards & More

Bunkers are back in Warzone and this time around you need a golden keycard. Here are the locations for every Mercenary Bunker in Caldera and Rebirth and how to open them with a golden keycard.

Warzone Pacfific Caldera Bunkers
No codes needed anymore, just a golden keycard. | © Activision Blizzard

Any readers who have been playing Warzone since 2020 will remember the infamous bunkers. These rooms are the key to getting a ridiculous amount of loot, and they're back in Warzone Pacific. But where are the bunkers in Caldera and what are the bunker codes? If you're asking those questions, you're in the right place.

Note: Bunkers and Hatches are not the same thing. In this article we cover the bunkers on Caldera.

Warzone Caldera Mercenary Bunkers: Location Overview

With Season 4, the so-called Mercenary Bunkers on Caldera will finally be opened! The 7 bunkers are guarded by AI mercenaries and can only be opened with golden keycards. Here are the locations of the bunkers:

Caldera Bunker
The Mercenary Bunkers are marked with yellow circles on the map. | © Activision

1) Docks Mercenary Bunker

The bunker at the docks is located just east of the green observation tower.

Docks Hatch
Docks Bunker. | © Activision

2) Runway Mercenary Bunker

The Runway Bunker is hidden in a building. Look for the building that looks like a square bracket, the bunker entrance is then at the northern end in a small room.

Runway Hatch
Runway Bunker. | © Activision

3) Mines Mercenary Bunker

This bunker is located in the middle of nowhere on a hill. It's best to orientate yourself by the small hut that you can see in the picture to the north.

West Mines Hatch
Mines Bunker. | © Activision

4) Fields Mercenary Bunker

The Fields Bunker is relatively easy to find. Just look for two big silos, directly behind them you can enter the bunker.

Fields Hatch
Fields Bunker. | © Activision

5) Lagoon Mercenary Bunker

You will find this bunker right next to a small straw hut, west of the airfield.

Lagoon Hatch
Lagoon Bunker. | © Activision

6) Power Plant Mercenary Bunker

Here it gets a bit tricky, the bunker is hidden behind a waterfall. Look for two small waterfalls and then go through the left one. The entrance is in a cave behind it.

Power Point Hatch
Power Plant Bunker. | © Activision

7) Resort Mercenary Bunker

The bunker is nicely situated on a small hill. Look for the C-shaped collection of water on the map and go to the hill above it.

Resort Hatch
Resort Bunker. | © Activision

Where To Find Golden Keycards In Warzone?

To open one of the bunkers on Caldera, you need a golden keycard. These golden keycards are very rare drops and can be found in loot boxes or as rewards for contracts. Also, the golden keycards are always bound to the player who found them and can only be used once at any of the 7 Mercenary Bunkers.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Bunkers

Golden Vaults

Rebirth Reinforced also features new bunkers. The so-called Golden Vaults are a total of three bunkers that can be opened with a bunker code. Here we have marked all locations of the bunkers for you:

Rebirth Reinforced Bunker locations
Here you can find all three bunkers on Rebirth Reinforced. | © Activision

To get the code to open it, you'll have to complete a little scavenger hunt, which we've explained for you here:

Lockers & Keycards

In addition to the three bunkers mentioned above, you can also open a total of three lockers on Rebirth Reinforced, which will reward you with some nice loot. The lockers are located in a vault in the fortress.

Rebirth reinforced vault
Here you can find the lockers. | © Activision

For each of the three lockers you need a special keycard. We've broken down exactly where you can find each keycard in this article.

What Loot Can You Expect In A Bunker?

The bunkers on Caldera will contain decent cash, weapons, equipment and more. Jheeze Louis, that should be enough loot to keep you going throughout the match. If you're feeling ratty, why not consider camping a bunker entrance? Then you'll get the loot and some kills. But for now, at least, we'll need to keep waiting for them to open the bunkers. Perhaps they'll be opened in Season 2 alongside the new weapons?

That's all there is to it. Go get your keycards and don't forget the hatches, which now also function as a quick travel system. You can also find everything you need to know about Modern Warfare II here.