Rebirth Reinforced Vaults: How To Find All Keycards

There's a new bunker on Rebirth Island, but you need keycards to get in. We'll show you where to find the keycards and how to use them to get the juicy loot.

Warzone Rebirth Reinforced
Loot bunkers return to Rebirth Reinforced! | © Activision

We all know how popular bunkers are in Warzone. In the early days, the bunkers in Verdansk were the hottest of drops. But after they were closed, we were left wondering whether there would be new bunkers on Caldera. Not yet, although we got at least a few of the mysterious hatches open.

With Season 2: Reloaded, Rebirth Island has been revised and renamed Rebirth Reinforced and lo and behold, bunkers are here! So let's take a look at where the new Rebirth Bunker is, what loot it holds, and most importantly, what you have to do to get in.

Where Is The Rebirth Reinforced Bunker

The bunker is located in the revamped Security Area now known as Stronghold. Just look for the building with the radio tower on it, you really can't miss it. Here is the exact position on the map:

Rebirth reinforced vault
The bunker is right here. | © Activision

On the first floor of the building, you can enter a kind of vault where you will find three locked lockers that you can interact with. In order to open these lockers, however, you must first find the appropriate key cards.

Where Are The Keycards On Rebirth Reinforced?

There are three different keycards to find in total, one for each locker. The keycards are called Perseus Keycard, Forgotten Keycard and Vikhor Keycard.

How To Find The Vikhor Keycard

The Vikhor Keycard is closest if we start from the vault. It is located in the command center of Headquarters. Just land at Headquarters and look for the white building in the south of the POI. Here is the exact location:

Rebirth Reinforced Vikhor keycard
In this building you will find the Vikhor keycard. | © Activision

In this building, you have to go all the way down and look for the secret bunker. In this room you will find the keycard on a desk on the left. If you haven't already, you can also pick up the weapon in the room and unlock the Red Room blueprint.

How To Find The Perseus Keycard

The Perseus keycard can be found in the building below the Nova 6 factory and to the left of the new cargo ship. Here we have the exact location here:

Rebirth Reinforced Perseus keycard
Here you will find the Perseus keycard. | © Activision

Just head inside the building and enter the large room full of shelves and office supplies. Next to the passageway to a smaller orange room are shelves and inside you'll find the Perseus Keycard.

How To Find The Forgotten Keycard

The Forgotten Keycard is located in the bioweapons lab at the completely opposite end of the map. So if you want to collect the keycard and use it in the vault, you have a long way to go. Here is the exact location:

Rebirth Reinforced Forgotten keycard
Here you will find the Forgotten keycard. | © Activision

Once you enter the bioweapons lab, you have to go to the basement. There you look for the bathroom. Interact with the shower here. Now the water should run and in addition to cash, the Forgotten Keycard will also drop.

What's In The Bunkers?

Once you have collected the keycards, you can make your way back to the vault and open the lockers. Here's a breakdown of the rewards each locker has in store for you:

Vikhor-Keycard$8000 and a Loadout Drop
Perseus-Keycard$10.000 and an Advanced UAV
Forgotten-KeycardLoadout Drop, Munitions Box and the Specialist Perk

The Specialist Perk is of course a huge advantage, but you have to run across the entire map for that.

Have you already been able to get all the keycards or are you not interested in the loot? Should more secret bunkers appear in Warzone, we will of course keep you informed.