Warzone Install Sizes Too "F**king Crazy" For More Maps

You want to have more maps in Warzone? Well, not gonna happen! It seems like Warzone is just too big for more maps.
Warzone more maps
Caldera ist pretty big... | © Activision

We all love Warzone, right? Sure we do, but we only have two maps in the game at one time, and sometimes we wish there were more. Apex Legends for example has 4 big Battle Royale Maps and 5 smaller ones, so why can't Warzone have more? Well known streamer TeeP recently interviewed a Warzone Dev and got a quite convincing answer.

Warzone Install Sizes too big

In an interview with TeeP Call of Duty live operations lead Josh Bridge spoke about, why they can't implement more maps in Warzone. He said that the team really wanted to have more maps to deliver a more diverse gaming experience, but the install sizes are"f**king crazy". Yep, that's what he said. TeeP asked Bridge if they were planning to implement a map rotation with several maps similar to Apex Legends. Bridge answered:

"We want that. We all want that, there's a technical problem: the install and reinstall sizes are f**king crazy."

Warzone already requires more than 120 GB of storage on PlayStation 5 and 80 GB on PC. According to the dev this is a big problem since every major update adds to that number and these huge install sizes are actually a reason why more and more players are turning their backs on Warzone.

Why is install size such a big problem in Warzone you may ask. Well, Warzone was originally built within the Modern Warfare 2019 and never supposed to get that big. This means all the assets in Warzone were intended for the way smaller multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare. Verdansk, or Caldera, were not developed with the intention of adding more than 180 weapons to it. After Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard we now have three complete multiplayer games implemented into Warzone, which inevitably pushes the boundaries of the Modern Warfare engine, Warzone was developed with.

So as sad as it may be, we will probably never have more than two maps active at once. At least they keep reworking those and even replacing those maps on a regular basis. Here you can find all the details on the latest map update to Rebirth Island.