Call of Duty – Player of the Month | November, 2022: JoeDeceives

We're still in the off-season, and so without any CDL matches to watch we thought we would pick a Challengers' player for our POTM instead. JoeDeceives recently won the Breaking Point Next NA Challengers event with Exceed and Co, and he looks like the "one to watch" for MW2 year-2.

Our POTM for Novemeber 2022: JoeDeceives. | © EarlyGame

The CDL 2023 Season doesn't begin until December, and so rather than pick a pro CDL player, we thought we would pick an amateur from the Challengers League. Now, we could have picked one of the more established names, but some of these guys have been Challengers so long that it's hard to see teams taking a gamble on them. Sadly, the longer you stay in Challengers, the lower your stock declines. So we picked a younger up-and-comer, JoeDeceives.

Some of the older Challengers players are clearly annoyed at the traction JoeDeceives is already getting, but he just might be "that guy". The way he moves on the map, and the obvious gunskill he possesses, sets JoeDeceives apart from 90% of other amateurs. And a fun fact to start us off: JoeDeceives was the number 1 player in the world in Vanguard Ranked Play over the summer of 2022.

Who Is JoeDeceives?

JoeDeceives is a young amateur player who is currently on the Los Angeles Guerrillas academy roster. He's only been eligible to play professionally since late September, when he turned 18. But since then he's already won the Breaking Point Next Challengers event and the first cup of the official Call of Duty Challengers League NA. He's also rumored to have earned a sub-spot on LAG, and given how shaky they've been looking in scrims, he might be in the CDL later this season.

So as you might have guessed, we really don't have much of an Esports bio to share with you here. This guy is very young, and has only just become old enough to compete professionally. He currently plays as a slayer-SMG, which is the closest thing CoD Esports has to the "superstar" role. It certainly allows him to make flashy plays, rather than sitting in the hill. And he's widely considered to have some of the best natural gunskill of his generation. Who knows, maybe in some distant future he could one day be considered one of the best of the best:

But that day is still very far away, he needs to make it into the league first. Although, as we said, we think he's almost certainly going to get a spot either this season or next if keeps playing like he is.

Why Is JoeDeceives Call of Duty Player of the Month?

We were quite sure we wanted to highlight an up-and-comer from Challengers, a "one-to-watch" as teams begin making changes this season, and we wanted to pick one of the most exciting prospects. JoeDeceives is quite a controversial figure because he's only been in the Challengers' scene for a few months, and he's already rumored to be getting a substitute spot ahead of players like Mohak, Denza and Vortex. In fact, Denza shared his frustrations with JoeDeceives publically, in this since-deleted tweet:

Denza shares his frustration with Deceives' rumored sub spot from CoDCompetitive

His detractors would say that it's only because he was playing wagers with some of the LAG roster, and became so friendly with them, that he got his spot. But based on his recent performances that just isn't true in our opinion.

Yes, JoeDeceives hasn't been playing for long, and yes, he is friendly with a lot of pros, but just watch him play. In a game like Modern Warfare 2, which aggressively punishes SMG players (who are up against 3 M4s most of the time), JoeDeceives is still able to slay-out hard. And for someone so young and relatively uncoached to be that good already, you can tell he's going to be a menace if he ever gets the training and support that a pro-team can offer.

Here's his announcement video for the LAG Academy roster:

You'll probably be able to see JoeDeceives at the Pro-AM later this year if his team qualifies (which they will), and then you can see how he plays against the top 50 in the world. For all upcoming schedules, including the Pro-AM, you can find details at the CDL Hub here.