How To Get Juggernaut In Warzone

Getting the Juggernaut care package can win you games, it's easily one of the most broken bonuses in all of Warzone. But how do you get the Juggernaut? Can you just buy it?
How to get juggernaut warzone
Move aside! | © Activision Blizzard

What's the best thing you can find in Warzone? Specialist perhaps? Maybe those fancy new Nebula V bombs? Nope. It's Juggernaut. This is the one item that will increase your chances of winning more than any other. With one person becoming the Juggernaut and soaking all the damage, the rest of the team can make easy trades and walk to the finish line.

But quite a lot of you probably haven't even seen a Juggernaut in Warzone, depending on when you started playing. Some of you might even be asking what the hell a Juggernaut is, and others will want to know whether you can just buy it. In this article, we'll give you a quick overview of what the Juggernaut killstreak is, and then get in to how you can find it.

What Is Juggernaut In Warzone?

Juggernaut is a killstreak in Warzone that's dropped onto the map in a care package, if you open the crate, you claim it for yourself, and once activated, you become nearly invulnerable and gain a minigun. Juggernaut has actually existed since MW3 (2011) in the Call of Duty series, and it's become a fan-favorite. Although no-one is going to argue it's well-balanced for a BR, it's just so strong.

When you become the Juggernaut, heavy metal starts playing (you can turn this off under "Audio" in the settings), and you will look to your teammates like the monster pictured above. You will have far more health than usual, but you can still be killed if teams deal enough damage to you. While you're the Juggernaut, you cannot use any of your normal equipment, only the minigun.

How Do You Get Juggernaut In Warzone?

Juggernaut cannot be bought from buy-stations, it appears in the game during LTMs, or it can drop from Orange loot crates, but this is incredibly rare. We're sorry we don't have easier answers for you, but with all the hatches opening on Caldera recently, we feel like it's going to become easier and easier to find legendary loot in the near-future. Until then, you'll need to work around the no-Juggernaut problem by running the meta: