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The BOCW version of the AK–47 is one of the strongest weapons in Warzone, it's a heavy hitter and great for most ranges. Here's the best loadout!

Best Warzone AK loadout
An ugly old thing, but reliable. | © Activision Blizzard

Lots of players are getting the AK leveled up right now in case they need to replace the XM4 with it. You're probably in the same boat if you're reading this. So, here's the best Warzone loadout for the AK–47, including the attachment setup, perks, and equipment.

The AK-47 can be built as a long-range AR or a sniper support, and it's fantastic in either role, so we've provided both of the attachment setups.

What Happened To The AK-47 In Warzone Pacific?

When Vanguard was first integrated, the BOCW ARs were overshadowed by the Bren and the Cooper. But after both of those weapons were repeatedly nerfed, it seems that the older BOCW weapons, like the AK-47, are now back in the meta:

Hot Take: the Cooper is trash compared to every CW meta AR and it's not even close. from CODWarzone

As you can see the FARA, C58, XM4, and AK-47 are the best weapons for mid-range now, at least by TTK. The EM2 is particularly strong, but it's got such bad recoil, we think the AK is still the best option for most users.

What's The Best Attachment Setup For The AK-47

Long-Range AR Build

The Axial Arms 3x was one of the best things to come out of BOCW. | © Activision Blizzard
MuzzleGRU Suppressor
Barrel22" Cooper Custom
OpticAxial Arms 3x
UnderbarrelSpetznaz Grip
MagazineBakelite 60 Round Magazine

The GRU Suppressor is a standard pick for BOCW weapons in Warzone because it keeps you off radar at little cost to other stats. While the barrel and foregrip are going to boost our accuracy over range, which is the key to this Warzone AK setup. The 60 Rnd magazine is going to slow us down a bit, but with this build we won't take another primary weapon, so we need the extra firepower.

Short/Mid-Range Sniper Support Build

If this still feels too slow, consider the Serpent Wrap. | © Activision Blizzard
MuzzleGRU Suppressor
Barrel18.2" Takedown
OpticMicroflex LED
UnderbarrelSpetznaz Grip
Magazine45 Round Magazines

The Microflex LED is about as close to the community favorite G.I. Mini–Reflex that the AK can get. We think it's worth it, but some people are okay with the AK's irons. And besides that, the only changes we're making to the long-range build is a slightly shorter barrel, and smaller magazines, to increase mobility.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For An AK-47 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For An AK-47 Loadout

Warzone Swiss K31 Setup
What a legendary weapon. | © Activision Blizzard

If you're using the long-range AK-47 build, then you can avoid taking Overkill, and use a handgun or launcher instead. But if you're using the Sniper Support build, then obviously take a sniper rifle with you as your secondary primary. The best sniper right now is really between the Swiss and the Kar. We slightly prefer the Swiss for shorter reload speeds.

The build you can see above is a very conventional one for the Swiss. Everything is geared towards increasing range and bullet velocity while trying to improve aim-down-sight time as much as possible.

The Best Equipment For An AK-47 Loadout

TacticalSnapshot Grenades

Thermite has a similar appeal to Semtex; we can use it against infantry and vehicles to great effect, and we can use Thermite for area denial. But really, this loadout doesn't depend on a lethal, so you can take Throwing Knives instead if you're more aggressive.

For tactical grenades, we've chosen Snapshot Grenades, as the recent buff to these have made them outstanding for team pushes. These are especially great if your teammates aren't mic'd up or have poor comms.

The Best Perks For An AK-47 Loadout

Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2Overkill / High Alert

Perk 3

Combat Scout

For any Sniper / Sniper Support build, we need Overkill, but if you're going for the long-range AK setup then use the second slot for High Alert, so you're harder to sneak up on. We've taken E.O.D. because it's a constantly useful buff, and Combat Scout so that we can automatically ping enemies for our teammates.

That was your complete guide to the AK-47, but if you want to push for the glory of an even higher TTK then try the EM2.