Warzone Mobile Confirmed!

Call of Duty: Warzone is incredibly successful thanks to cross-platform play on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Call of Duty Mobile is also a smash hit, so what could be better than bringing Warzone to mobile as well? That's exactly what Activision intends to do: Warzone Mobile has been officially confirmed.

Warzone Mobile
We finally know that Warzone Mobile is actually in the works. | © Activision

Warzone may not have the number of players it had at its peak for a long time, but it is still one of the largest and most successful battle royale games on the market. Call of Duty Mobile is huge too - even bigger than Warzone, in fact. CoD Mobile even has its own leagues and a world championship. And although there is already a Battle Royale mode in CoD Mobile, it's far from comparable to Warzone. So it's no wonder that Activision wants to release Warzone for Android and iOS as well, right?

More than a year ago we heard the first rumors that Warzone could also come as a mobile title. And even then, a leaked job posting was responsible for the rumor. Now we finally have an official confirmation.

Activision Looking For Developers For Warzone Mobile

First, we saw a leaked post on Activision's LinkedIn looking for developers for a mobile game, and now Warzone Mobile is official. Activision confirmed with a post on Twitter and a short blog entry that Warzone Mobile is coming.

In the blog post, Activision writes that they will "bring an all-new AAA mobile experience to gamers on the go, offering the immersive, fluid, large-scale action of Call of Duty: Warzone." They also call on developers, producers, etc. to apply, as they still have many vacancies to fill for the Warzone Mobile project.

If you work in the industry yourself, here are the positions you can still apply for:
Warzone Mobile Jobs
You can apply for these positions. | © Activision

When Will Warzone Mobile Be Released?

Activision has not yet announced a release date for Warzone Mobile. But since the announcement is still looking for developers and it's basically a job posting, we'll have to be patient a little longer. Warzone Mobile seems to be in development, but it's probably not very far along yet.

What we're still wondering now is whether Warzone Mobile will be integrated with Call of Duty Mobile in any way or whether it will be a completely standalone title. However, since CoD Mobile already has its own Battle Royale mode, we expect it to be more of a standalone title that will hopefully be compatible with the regular PC/console game. After all, we want to take all of our cosmetics, such as operator skins and weapons, across into the new game. Nobody wants to start all over again from scratch, right?

Are you already hyped? Will you play Warzone on mobile?