How To Play Warzone In Split Screen

Call of Duty has long been known for having a very large console community. And what are consoles better suited for than cozy couch co-op? So is it possible to play Warzone with a friend in split screen?
Warzone Splitscreen
Can we play Warzone in split screen? | © Activision

Call of Duty is one of the few shooters that has a huge community on consoles – especially on PlayStation. Since consoles are usually hooked up to the TV in front of the couch somewhere in the living room, they're perfect for cozy co-op action. I mean, especially a game like Warzone, where teamplay as a squad against other teams is number one priority, would be perfect for co-op, right? But is that even possible? In the past, we could often play Zombies in split screen with a buddy, but does Warzone even have split screen?

How To Play Warzone In Split Screen?

Short and disappointing answer: Not at all! Warzone unfortunately doesn't offer an option to play with a buddy in split screen. Why Warzone of all games, a game built around playing with friends in squads, doesn't offer the option to play co-op on the same system is still a mystery to us.

Presumably, however, it's simply because of the game's immense size and the fact that the game's code is already more than overloaded anyway, thanks to the integration of three different games by now. However, split screen has not been on the priority list of many developers for quite some time, since almost all gamers by now have internet access and thus to extensive online features, so local split screen modes are no longer a necessity.

Still, we would have liked to get an option to play Warzone in split screen. After all, the Call of Duty multiplayer has had a split screen mode since Call of Duty 2, and it still works today in CoD: Vanguard. Besides the multiplayer, almost all zombies modes in Call of Duty offered split screen, even if that has strangely changed with Vanguard.

Will Warzone Get Split Screen In The Future?

If we take a look at other big Battle Royale games, you might actually get your hopes up. After all, Fortnite started without split screen, but added this option later on at the request of the community. So is there still a chance for split screen in Warzone?

Unfortunately, probably not. On the one hand, this is because Raven Software already has more than enough to do to keep Warzone running and to fix all the bugs and glitches, and on the other hand, because we already know that Warzone 2 is in development. Since there is already a new Warzone in development, there will most likely be no more attention on a split screen mode for the current Warzone. With a bit of luck, Warzone 2 will come with split screen right at launch... We'll keep our fingers crossed.

How To Play Warzone In Couch Co-Op?

It may sound silly, but the only way to play in couch co-op is with two consoles and monitors. If you want to play Warzone on the couch with a buddy, your buddy needs to bring his console, and you need a second TV or monitor to connect it to. Then your buddy needs to connect to your internet, and you can play Warzone online together on the couch.... Quite a cumbersome solution, but unfortunately the only one at the moment.

That's all there is to say about split screen in Warzone. If, contrary to expectations, Raven Software does indeed integrate the possibility of split screen gaming into Warzone, we will of course update this article.