Warzone 2.0: Loadout Drops Finally Return

Many of you have wished for it, and the developers have listened to those wishes (well, Raven have). Loadout drops have finally returned. How long it will remain, however, is questionable.

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Loadout Drops finally return to Warzone. | ©Activision

Many were disturbed at the beginning of Warzone 2 to discover we couldn't buy loadouts. But we have good news for you. Although now very expensive, the loadout drops have finally returned to Warzone 2.

Loadout Drops Finally Return to Warzone 2.0

There are Loadout Drops in Warzone... but they're way more expansive now. Whereas, when Warzone 2 launched the only way to get a Loadout besides the shared free ones was through Strongholds. And they're quite difficult. Pretty strong bots and of course many opponents who want the same.

But the developers listened to us. The Loadout drops finally are available again at the shop. But they're really expensive, especially because there isn't much money on the map, but they're back. And this is beautiful.

Now it's time to raise money and walk to the shop. If only were that simple. Here's how much loadout drops cost:

  • Solo: 8,000
  • Duos: 16,000
  • Trios: 24,000
  • Quads: 32,000

Yeah, it's really expensive. So use them wisely. It will probably take a while until you have the money for another one...

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Whether the loadouts remain permanently in the game is not yet certain. They first want to see if the balance of the game changes.

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