The Best Sniper In Modern Warfare 2 | All Snipers Ranked

Here you can find the best sniper rifles in Modern Warfare 2. Snipers in MW2 have some of the strongest aim-assist we've ever seen, so you should know what sniper to use.

These are the best sniper rifles in MW2. | © Activision / EarlyGame

Modern Warfare 2 has brought us a very nice selection of weapons, and we've tier-ranked them all. But in this article we're going to focus on the sniper rifles. Which are now classified exclusively as bolt-action/high-caliber rifles. The semi-auto rifles like the Dragunov of MW2019, will now be classed as "Marksman Rifles". So we're just talking about the rifles that shouldn't give you hit-markers; they should be able to one-tap enemies on every distance.

Now, the snipers are incredibly strong in this game, as they have a ridiculous amount of aim-assist (which is why we'll probably see them GA'd in the CDL). But hey, it's great news for those who love to snipe in pubs. So, for those players, here's a breakdown of the best sniper rifles in MW2, ranked from worst-to-best.

The Best Sniper Rifles In Modern Warfare 2

5. Victus XMR (AWM / L115A1)

This is of course the AWM, more commonly known by its British Army designation: L115A1. It's always great to see this rifle make into the year's CoD game, but while it's certainly a part of the Warzone meta, it sadly isn't great for multiplayer. In multiplayer, it's unnecessarily powerful, and for all that wasted range potential the XMR sacrifices a lot of mobility.

Victus XMR
This ain't Warzone, and in standard MP, the Victus is unnecessarily powerful. | © Activision

As with all snipers in MW2, the XMR is still viable, it's just the weakest of the lot in a 6v6 environment.

4. MCPR-300

Although the MCPR comes in last place, it's not a bad sniper. It delivers one-shots at absurd distances just like any other sniper, but it is a bit more sluggish in direct comparison. Mobility isn't as good as the weapons to come, and ADS speed leaves something to be desired as well. In Warzone 2.0, however, the MCPR is one of the better sniper.

MCPR-300 MW2
A bit to slow for multiplayer. | © Activision

3. Signal 50

The Signal 50 can be turned into a kind of heavy Battle Rifle because it can use red-dot sights, and this makes it pretty decent for standard multiplayer. It's not bad for ground war either thanks to the extremely high damage that kills at any range and on any body part with just one hit, a relatively high rate of fire for such a heavy rifle, and absolutely broken aim assist. Honestly, sniping has never been easier than with the Signal 50, surpassed only by weapons with higher mobility.

Signal 50 MW2
The new Warzone meta? | © Activision

2. LA-B 330

Like the other snipers, the LA-B also one-shots pretty consistently. However, its advantage is that it has even faster ADS speed and also offers more mobility than most of the other sniper rifles. It is also unlocked via the Bryson platform, which includes a total of four weapons and thus has access to a lot of nice attachments. For multiplayer, this is definitely the current number 2 or 3.

LA-B 330 MW2
The fastest sniper in MW2. | © Activision


The SP-X 80 is relatively similar to the LA-B, but even faster. This makes it the natural number one choice for classic 6v6 multiplayer, as you can ADS in time to get a shot off. It does produce more hit markers than the Signal or MCPR, but not so much that it becomes an issue.

SP-X 80 MW2
Pretty good, but not the best. | © Activision

That's about it. Currently, there are not many snipers available in Modern Warfare 2, but we will of course update the list as soon as new weapons are added. Until then, here are some more weapon rankings for you:

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