The Best Co-Op Survival Games

The Forest is just... scary... scary af... (Credit: The Forest)

If you get frustrated playing competitive games, maybe it is time to try something new... something like survival games. All of the survival games mentioned below are co-op and you can play them with your friends.

You survived 2020 and the Trump presidency. That is reason to celebrate, right? We certainly think so, and we recommend celebrating last year's survival by... surviving again. In a game. With your friend. Makes sense, right?

7 Days To Die

Reminds us of Walking Dead... zombies... survival... what's not to love. (Image credit: 7 Days To Die)

If you are a fan of zombies you'll surely like 7 Days to Die. It is a survival crafting game, set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. You need to scavenge through houses to find weapons and materials in order to survive. At night, you need to find shelter from the and the zombies that roam it. You can also make custom houses and really build whatever you like. This game is fun when played with friends, and we recommend it over single-player.


Life of Pie, anyone? (Image credit: Raft)

A post-apocalyptic open-world survival game that puts you on a small raft in the middle of nowhere. The world is gone and everything is underwater now. All that’s left are a few islands and a lot of floating garbage that you need to collect in order to craft items. As the game progresses, you expand your raft, follow the storyline and learn what happened to the world and why everything is underwater. The game is interesting and keeps you intrigued, as you follow the storyline and find new things like abandoned cruisers and hidden cities.

The Forest

Seriously: Wear your brown pants. (Image credit: The Forest)

The game starts with a plane crash on a remote deserted island. Your son gets kidnapped by some mysterious man and it is your job to find him. Luckily, the forest is full of resources to help you survive. You are not alone on the island, as it is inhabited by natives and... mutants. They watch you, follow you and attack you. Scary stuff, folks. Not for the faint of heart. We won’t spoil the game for you any further, but this surely is an interesting game to check out and try it with your friends in co-op.

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