The Best Warzone FARA 83 Loadout | The Best BOCW AR

The FARA 83 was a classic that dominated Warzone during 2021, and it's returned to the meta again as a very reliable, low-recoil AR. Here's the best loadout for the FARA 83, including perks and equipment.

FARA 83 loadout. | © EarlyGame

The FARA 83 is a reliable, older weapon from the BOCW days of Warzone, and it still slaps. With recent nerfs to Vanguard weapons, the BOCW ARs are the weapons to use right now, and among them the FARA 83 will be the best choice for most players. It boasts very controllable recoil, and a competitive TTK all the way out to 60 m. You can find a complete loadout guide for the FARA beneath, including our suggestion of perks and equipment.

What Happened To The FARA 83 In Warzone Pacific?

When Vanguard was first integrated, the BOCW ARs were overshadowed by the Bren and the Cooper. But after both of those weapons were repeatedly nerfed, it seems that the older BOCW weapons, like the FARA 83, are now back in the meta.

Besides the FARA 83, the C58, XM4, and AK-47 are the best weapons for mid-range now, at least by TTK. The EM2 is particularly strong, but it's got such bad recoil, we think the FARA 83 is still the best option for most users.

Best Attachment Setup For The FARA 83

The best FARA 83 setup. | © Activision/EarlyGame
MuzzleGRU Suppressor
Barrel18.7" Spetznaz RPK Barrel
OpticAxial Arms 3x
UnderbarrelSpetznaz Grip
Magazine45 Rnd

With the FARA we're going to want to stay suppressed with the GRU and then with everything else we want to increase recoil control and range. You might find that the 45 round mags are a bit small, but the 60 rounds just slow you down way too much. The Axial Arms needs no explanation I guess, it is simply the best BOCW optic.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For A FARA 83 Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon For A FARA 83 Loadout

Top Break attachment setup
Snakeshot rounds are back! | © Activision Blizzard

With a long-range AR like the FARA, you're so capable at most ranges that we suggest you take High Alert, Tempered, Restock or Ghost instead of Overkill. You won't get as much use from a second weapon as you will from those perks in most cases. But obviously, this does mean we can't bring another primary weapon, so we have to settle for launchers and handguns. Of all the handguns and launchers, the Top Break akimbo build is one of the best, but you'll quickly pick up better ground loot.

If you haven't come across it before, this is the Top Break build that replicates the .357 Snakeshot build from early-2020. Basically a pocket shotgun.

The Best Equipment For A FARA 83 Loadout

TacticalSnapshot Grenades

There's a lot of great Lethal and Tactical options right now, but with the recent buffs to Snapshot Grenades, we think these are probably one of the strongest and easiest to use pieces of equipment at your disposal. Alongside them, we've taken Thermite so that we can attack both vehicles and infantry, but Semtex would also fill this role well.

The Best Perks For A FARA 83 Loadout

Perk 1E.O.D.
Perk 2High Alert

Perk 3

Combat Scout

These perks give you a great balance. The E.O.D. will offer you a passive buff against explosives, and Combat Scout will automatically ping enemies for you. In the second slot there are lots of great choices, and this was quite difficult to pick, but High Alert is probably the most effective option for most players, in most scenarios. Knowing when someone is lurking around always comes in clutch.

That was your complete guide to the FARA 83, but if you want to push for the glory of an even higher TTK, then try the EM2.