The Warzone Nebula V Equipment: Ammo, Bombs & PDS

Warzone Season 2 has brought Nebula V Gas into play. This is how the Nebula V Ammo, Nebula V Bombs and the Personnel Decontamination Stations (PDS) work, and where to find them.

Chemical Factory Warzone
This is where the Nebula V Gas is made. | © Activision

Do you remember the Nova 6 Gas from Verdansk? Well the prototype of that gas, Nebula V, has now been introduced in Warzone Season 2. Apparently developed by the Nazis to win the war, the chemical weapon has made its way to Caldera, where it can be found beneath the mysterious hatches that have recently opened.

But what can we do with Nebula V Gas? And how can we protect ourselves from it?

What Is Nebula V Gas In Warzone?

The new Nebula V gas is a chemical weapon developed by the Nazis, and it's basically the same gas we all already know from Warzone. It's the gas that's getting closer and closer in battle royale, steadily shrinking the circle. Those who are in the gas slowly lose health, but can survive a little longer with a gas mask. In the new Season 2 trailer, you can see where the gas comes from:

Nebula V Munition

The new Nebula V ammo is a new field upgrade in Warzone that takes advantage of the Nebula V gas. The ammo is no more powerful than regular ammo, but it offers a distinct advantage. Players downed with this ammo will emit a Nebula V gas cloud. If you try to revive such a player or stand too close to the downed operator, you will be affected by the gas: you cough, vision blurs, and you slowly take damage over time if you don't have a gas mask.

In order not to make the Nebula V ammo too overpowering, it only fills a single magazine at a time. So think carefully about which weapon you want to use. A 200-round LMG will probably benefit more than an SMG with only 30 rounds.

Nebula V Munition
The new Nebula V ammo is pretty nasty. | © Activision

Nebula V Bombs

Nebula V Bombs are among the rarest items in Warzone. So if you find one, consider yourself lucky. The bombs must be activated like bombs in SnD, then they'll explode after a short countdown. The explosion causes devastating damage in a small area before emitting toxic Nebula V gas. The gas persists for up to two minutes, damaging all operators who do not have a gas mask. After said two minutes, the Nebula V gas dissipates or merges into the gas from the approaching circle.

Of course, players can run away from the gas, as well as the shrinking circle, but the Nebula V Bomb is great for making certain areas inaccessible to other players or for gatekeeping.

Nebula V Bombe
Selten, aber sehr effektiv. | © Activision

Personal Decontamination Stations

Wow, that's a mouthful… For the sake of simplicity, we'll abbreviate things to PDS. This new field upgrade is currently the only counter to the Nebula V Gas, leaving aside the gas masks. The PDS are portable, so they can be set up anywhere they're needed. Once deployed, the stations will filter the air in a specific area, protecting all players in that area from the gas. And yes, the decontamination stations also work outside the circle, allowing for completely new tactics.

But there is a catch. Once a PDS is deployed, it will appear on the Tac Map for all players in the lobby and can be destroyed by grenades or shelling. So you're safe from the gas, but all remaining players know where you are. Of course, this can also be used to your advantage to attract players and set a trap for them…

Nebula V Equipment
This is how you protect yourself from the Nebula V gas. | © Activision

Where Can You Find Nebula V Equipment?

Nebula V equipment can theoretically be found anywhere in Caldera, including in loot boxes, but it's extremely rare. The Nebula V bombs in particular are difficult to find. However, there are two methods that will always guarantee you Nebula V equipment.

Kill NPCs In The Caldera Hatches

The mysterious hatches were finally opened (at least partially) with the Season 2 update, and the bunkers underneath offer good loot. In addition to some loot boxes, you will also find NPCs here that can be killed and are guaranteed to drop Nebula V equipment. Exactly what type varies, but you always get either Nebula V Ammo, Nebula V Bombs, or a PDS. Here's a hatch being opened:

Destroy The Armored Convoys

Armored convoys were also introduced with Season 2. These AI-controlled transporters travel pre-determined routes on Caldera and attack anyone who gets too close. When their health drops to a certain level, they will also call in air support. But if you manage to destroy one of these convoys, it will drop a lot of loot, including guaranteed Nebula V equipment.

That's all there is to say about the new Nebula V Gas and Nebula V Equipment. Do you find the gas to OP, or is it a nice addition that adds a little more excitement to the game?