Warzone Rebirth Reinforced Bunker Codes – How To Enter The Golden Vaults

The Rebirth Reinforced event has unlocked some golden vaults, which can now finally be opened with the appropriate bunker code. We show you how.

Warzone Golden Vault Bunker Code
The golden doors can finally be opened. | © Activision

With Season 2: Reloaded, the old Rebirth Island has been completely reworked. The new Rebirth Reinforced features new buildings and also new bunkers. We've already looked at how to open the three vaults in the fortress in another article, but today we're talking about the golden bunkers or golden vaults. We'll explain where to find the bunkers and how to get the bunker codes to open them.

What Are The Golden Vaults?

With Season 2: Reloaded and the reworking of Rebirth Island came the Rebirth Reinforced event. One task of the event was to collect a total of $40 trillion in Blood Money Quads as a community. After reaching this milestone, three golden bunkers were unlocked that can now be opened with codes.

How To Find The Golden Vault Bunker Codes?

To get the code for one of the bunkers, you have to complete a small scavenger hunt on Rebirth Reinforced. If you thought you could just look up the codes here, you'll have to bite the bullet: The codes change in every match, so you'll have to do the scavenger hunt every time.

Find 6 TV Remotes In Prison Block

First of all, you have to go to the Prison Block in the middle of the map.

Rebirth Reinforced Prison Block
Here you can find the TV remotes. | © Activision

Now you have to find a total of 6 TV remote controls. Interact with the remotes to trigger the next step. The remotes are located in different prison cells, and the locations change every match.

Find The Red Telephone

When all 6 remotes have been activated, a red phone will ring in the middle of the prison block. The phone is on the second level, so you don't have to search on the first floor.

Write Down The Code

Interact with the phone and write down the code you hear. As already mentioned, the code changes every match, so unfortunately we can't simply provide it for you here.

Open The Bunker

Now go to one of the three golden bunkers and enter the code in the numpad next to the door. The door should now open, and you will be rewarded with heaps of loot.

Thanks to ModernWarzone, you can see everything in action once again here:

Where Are The Golden Vault Bunkers?

There are a total of three golden bunkers on Rebirth Reinforced. We marked the locations for you down below:

Rebirth Reinforced golden Vaults locations
Here you can find the bunkers on Rebirth Reinforced. | © Activision

One of the bunkers is located at the Bioweapons Lab on the northwest coast of the island. The place is called Decontamination Zone. The second bunker is located in the basement of the Nova 6 factory and the last one is embedded in the rock wall, which you can see when you look from the fortress towards the center of the island.

What's In The Golden Vault Bunkers?

As usual, you can find a lot of good loot in the bunkers. Besides cash, ammo and gas masks, there are also some legendary weapons and the Specialist Perk. So it's definitely worth a visit if you want to equip your whole squad properly.

That's all there is to the new Warzone Bunkers on Rebirth Reinforced. Have you opened them yet?