The Best Warzone FAL Loadout | Old But Gold

The FAL had its heyday in Warzone, but then quickly fell into oblivion. With our loadout, however, it can still be played effectively.
FAL Loadout
The FAL is still good. | © Activision

As the only semi-automatic rifle in the assault rifle class, the FAL has always had a hard time – especially in Warzone. No wonder when you have weapons like the Grau or the Bren next to it, which can beam everything with a high rate of fire even at sniper distances.

Due to its semi-automatic fire mode, the FAL was for a long time simply not playable at shorter ranges compared to its fully automatic counterparts. However, after numerous patches and balance changes, the FAL has been buffed – especially at short ranges. Before that, the FAL did the same amount of damage throughout the first 40 meters before it dropped off. This buff significantly increased the damage for the first 19 meters, which can even be extended up to 27 meters with attachments. Within this range, the FAL kills with two hits to the torso and one to the head in multiplayer. This buff is also noticeable in Warzone, where the FAL even had the fastest time-to-kill of all assault rifles on paper at times – 360 milliseconds, more than 200 milliseconds faster than the M4A1.

The catch is that this time-to-kill requires you to hit every shot and shoot extremely fast, which means the weapon is definitely not for everyone.

The Best FAL Setup

FAL Setup
This setup will squeeze the maximum out of the FAL. | © Activision
MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor
BarrelXRK Marksman
UnderbarrelCommando Foregrip
Ammunition30 Round Mags
GripStippled Grip Tape

The silencer and the barrel are a must because they are necessary to reach the mentioned 27-meter increased damage range. The silencer also does what a silencer does, of course – it keeps you quiet. The Commando Foregrip increases stability when firing, which is another must with a semi-automatic gun like the FAL.

A large magazine in Warzone is an advantage, allowing you to take out multiple armored enemies if necessary. Finally, with the stippled grip tape, we increase the speed of aiming down sight and sprinting to fire, which can be especially helpful when fighting at shorter distances. However, you can also take an optic here if that is more important to you.

The Best Secondary, Grenades & Perks For A FAL Loadout

The Best Secondary Weapon for the FAL

MP7 Warzone Attachment Loadout
Still a viable option. | © Activision

Since we are already going to be capable at medium to long-range distances with the FAL, we recommend a mobile SMG as a secondary weapon. We especially like the MP7, which is still really strong on Caldera. Of course, you can also use the MAC-10 or the much more versatile Welgun.

The Best Equipment For The FAL

TacticalSnapshot Grenade

Although the choice here is very subjective, we advise Semtex and Snapshot Grenades. Semtex is extremely effective against both vehicles and infantry, and Snapshot grenades are perfect for finding hidden enemies and pushing them in close combat with the MP7.

The Best Perks for the FAL

Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Overkill
Perk 3Combat Scout

Here we have the standard selection again. We need Overkill to be able to carry both weapons. Cold-Blooded and Combat Scout complement each other very well. Combat Scout marks enemies even through cover, and Cold-Blooded counters this perk, if our enemies should use it.

In summary, the FAL can be incredibly powerful in the right hands, but difficult to master. If you can really hit everything and shoot very quickly, you'll win most fights, if not, a fully automatic weapon is the better choice. Here you can find a selection: