The Specialist Bonus Perk In Warzone

The Specialist Bonus is an incredibly powerful form of loot in Warzone, in fact, it might be the single most valuable pickup you can find in the game. Here's what it does, and a guide on how to find it.

Specialist Perk Warzone
Yes, really. All Perks. | © Activision Blizzard

Raven Software have introduced hundreds of various upgrades and pieces of equipment into Warzone since it's inception, many of these come and go during events. And many players are just left baffled, looking at weird pickups like the recent Nebula V bombs and personal decontamination stations. But there's one item in Warzone that you need to be able to recognize. It's incredibly rare, and incredibly powerful: the Specialist Bonus.

What Is The Specialist Bonus In Warzone?

The Specialist Bonus is an incredibly rare type of loot in Warzone, it grants the user every single perk at once. That means Ghost, Tempered, High Alert, Restock, and every other perk you can think of, all active for you at once. Unfortunately, the Specialist Bonus will not persist through death. If you die, you will come back from the Gulag (or be bought back) without any perks.

The Specialist Bonus appears in game like a floating token (similar to dog tags in the Kill Confirmed multiplayer mode). The token shows a golden fist punching up against a red background with golden stars. And as you can see above, it also describes what it does on the token, although in the heat of the moment a lot of people will probably not see that.

How Do You Get The Specialist Bonus In Warzone

There's no definite way to get the Specialist Bonus in Warzone right now, but you have a much higher probability in orange crates, so try new POIs. To attract players towards new POIs or towards events, they always increase the likelihood of orange crates in those areas. For instance, the hatch bunkers offer a lot of legendary loot, so that's where you should go looking for the Specialist Bonus perk.

In Black Ops Cold War Season 3 there actually was a definitive way to get the Specialist Bonus in the 80s Action Heroes event. This brought a new building to Verdansk Downtown called the Nakatomi Plaza (from Die Hard fame). If you did one of three activities in the Nakatomi Plaza, then you could open a vault in the building and just collect the Specialist Bonus for free, but alas no such event has returned since. We will update this article if it does, though.

Well folks, that was your rundown of the Specialist Bonus perk in Warzone. Perhaps if you're out looking for it, you should get the current meta weapons levelled?