All Killstreaks In Modern Warfare 2

Killstreaks are one of the best parts about Call of Duty, and of course, they will be returning to Modern Warfare 2. The last two CoDs added some killstreaks later into the game, but let's focus on the ones that are going to be in the game at release.

Killstreaks MW2019
What killstreak from MW2019 do you want to see again in MW2? | © Activision

Every Call of Duty player loves killstreaks. There is no better feeling than reigning terror upon your opposition with an AC-130 or going nuke hunting with a UAV and VSAT. Good killstreaks can make a CoD a helluva lot more fun and enjoyable. Vanguard had quite lackluster killstreaks to launch, but gave us some great ones later in its life cycle.

Officially, no killstreaks have yet been confirmed for Modern Warfare 2, but we all know that the UAV will be in MW2. Let's take a look at some of the leaked streaks, and the ones that will be in MW2 for sure.

All Killstreaks In Modern Warfare 2

This is a list of all known and leaked killstreaks coming in MW2.



UAVPings enemies that aren't using ghost on your minimap3 or 4
Fuel BombA predator-type rocket that you can control that drops from the sky5
Smoke AirdropSomething similar to the weapon drop in MW2019, basically useless4
Thermobaric StrikeIt could be similar to an airstrike or behave like a napalm bomb5 or 7
Cluster SpikeLooks like the IMS from MW3 and Ghosts, basically a bouncing betty with four charges5
Counter UAVThis hasn't been leaked or confirmed, but surely we can expect this streak to be in the game. UAV that blocks the enemy minimap4
Care PackageThis also hasn't been leaked or confirmed, but have we ever seen a CoD without the care package? A package that is dropped from the sky, containing a random killstreak4
B-2 Stealth BomberProbably will act like any other bombing run we saw in previous CoD's8-10

And those are all the killstreaks that were either leaked or have been in basically every single CoD, and don't really need confirmation. Depending on what the Thermobaric Strike is, we could definitely still see some type of airstrike in the game. There is also bound to be some sort of helicopter streak in the game, I hope the stealth chopper from BO2 makes a return, that was such a good streak.

Once more, when streaks get leaked or announced, we will update this list. What streak do you want to see in MW2? Will the Nuke make a return? We are excited to see what Infinity Ward has planned.