Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops | MW2's Co-Op Mode Explained

Modern Warfare 2 will include the Spec Ops co-op mode. Here you can find all the news about Spec Ops and an explanation of how the mode works.

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops
In MW2 Spec Ops we can once again bring co-op into battle. | © Activision

Every Call of Duty title comes with a third mode in addition to multiplayer and campaign. The Treyarch and Sledgehammer titles rely on the popular Zombies mode, while Infinity Ward has always relied on the Spec Ops co-op mode in their Modern Warfare series.

Following the example of Modern Warfare 2019, Modern Warfare 2 will offer a Spec Ops mode again this year, and we already have the first details. Let's take a look at how Spec Ops works in MW2.

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops

The Spec Ops mode in Modern Warfare 2 is described by the developers as an "evolution of the MW2019 Spec Ops mode" and will initially offer three missions at launch:

  • Low Profile - Infiltrate a town in the dead of night to find intel and evidence left behind by Al Qatala before you flee. Stealth is the key to survival.
  • Denied Area - Several SAM towers are preventing reinforcements from entering Al Mazrah. Use a vehicle to navigate the suburban streets to destroy the towers, then head to the getaway plane to escape.
  • Defender: Mt Zaya - A love letter to fans of survival modes - defends the observatory against increasingly difficult waves of enemies trying to detonate bombs. Between each wave, Operators can spend cash to get items like Killstreaks, Self-Revive Kits, and Armor Plates.

I pray to god that it really is an evolution because the MW2019 Spec-Ops was terrible, especially by comparison to how good this mode was in the OG MW CoDs.

MW2 Spec Ops Stealth
The Stealth mission will naturally be the best and most popular. | © Activision

Spec Ops Loadouts: "Kits"

There's a new mechanic in MW2's Spec-Ops called "Kits". These are basically loadouts that you level as their own item, from Tier 1 to Tier 5. Each operator has access to a backpack that can hold equipment and one of three kits. These kits are basically a combination of perks, field upgrades and killstreaks that we know from multiplayer.

We have the following three kits to choose from:

  • Assault: This kit focuses on increased armor with the Armor Box field upgrade. Later tiers include the Assault Suit (sort of like a mini-Juggernaut), increased armor capacity and free Stims.
  • Medic: This kit focuses on faster revives with a Revive pistol for instant long-range revives. Later tiers include the Bomb Drone, free claymores and free anti-tank mines.
  • Recon: This kit focuses on intel with a snapshot pulse field to see nearby enemies. Later tiers include the ability to auto-replenish primary and tactical gear over time, the ability to carry additional gear, and a free heartbeat sensor and spotter scope.

The kits can be leveled up to Tier 5 through stars earned in the Spec Ops missions and related challenges. If you play a lot of Spec Ops, you should level up the kits quickly. New kits will be introduced alongside Raids in Season 1 on November 16th.

Are you in the mood for Spec Ops? We're definitely looking forward to some co-op action again!

In fact, there's a ton of stuff we're looking forward to in MW2: