New Perk System In Modern Warfare 2 | We'll Get 4 Perks Instead Of 3!

Infinity Ward have already revealed a bunch of significant changes, and it seems like they'll be introducing a new perk system as well. This is everything we know about the new perk system.

Modern Warfare 2 will be introducing a ton of new groundbreaking features into the Call of Duty franchise. From the new vehicle mechanics, to its swimming and climbing features, we will also be getting a lot of changes to the gunsmith and the create-a-class system. Being able to fully customize your attachments wasn't enough for Infinity Ward, though, and it looks like we'll be able to run 4 perks without having to use Wildcard. So what exactly are they changing about perks?

New Perk System in Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward will be reworking the perk system, and they're going to change some of the main features that have been staples in every CoD. According to leaks, you'll now be able to run 4 perks, without having to use a wildcard. How will this work? Apparently, you'll now be able to choose 2 perks from slot 1. The leaks claim, that the first perk slot will feature more than 10 perks, which just sounds absolutely nuts.

These slot 1 perks, which are normally counters, will be adjusted according to your play style. This should players to lean more into their most comfortable play style, which I'm all for.

Besides that, the system will remain the same. 1 perk from slot 2 and 1 perk from 3. Definitely an interesting system Infinity Ward has come up with, and I guess we have to wait until the beta, to get our hands on this new perk system.

Will Pro Perks Return In Modern Warfare 2?

According to leaks, we will see a return to the pro perk system, but it may not be in Multiplayer...

Mw2 pro perks
Pro Perks will be returning in MW2. | ©Activision

According to known leaker Tom Henderson, pro perks will be making a return in MW2. This time around, we won't be able to unlock them in multiplayer or equip them in our Loadouts, instead we have to loot the upgraded versions of these perks. In his leak, Tom Henderson claimed that these pro perks will be lootable in strongholds, which were rumored to be coming to the new Warzone map.

Instead, it looks like this will be a feature exclusively in DMZ, the third mode coming with MW2. This mode will be an extraction base mode, like Tarkov, where you drop in somewhere and have to go around looting the area. Once you've killed enough enemies or grabbed enough loot, you have to try and extract from the battlefield. Not a lot of information about this mode is known, so we don't know whether we can enter with a pre-made loadout and find the pro upgrades there, or if we have to find the perks first and then loot the pro version of it. I guess we just have to wait for more information on that.

If the rumors are true about the new perk system, it's unlikely we'll be seeing the pro system in multiplayer. 10+ perks in the first slot alone, means we will have at least 20 perks overall, and having to unlock a pro version on all of these just seems insane. Imagine if they added the specialist bonus, and you got all pro versions of all perks... now that sounds completely broken.

And that's all we know about the upcoming perk system and the pro perks. Once more information comes to light, we'll definitely keep you up to date. Meanwhile, you might want to check out our other MW2 articles: