Modern Warfare 2 Will Use Rainbow Six-Style "Tactical" Movement

A recent leak claims that Modern Warfare 2 will feature Rainbow Six-style movement, including rappelling up and down buildings. Will the community welcome this? Or will it be as popular as doors...
Rappel coming to modern warfare 2
Price does not approve. | © Activision / Ubisoft
Movement has always been critical when defining each Call of Duty game; it separates the different eras of CoD. From the early days with boots on the ground, to the jetback years, and now...well I guess you would call the current era the slidey CoDs. And when the hype began for Modern Warfare II, this was one of the first things people wanted to know about. Will there be tac-sprint? Can we swim? Hell, we even heard some crazy rumors that claimed the game would have dolphin diving.

Now we're getting the first actual details surrounding this aspect of gameplay, and it sounds like MW2 is going to be very similar to Modern Warfare 2019, but slowed down and made more tactical. Here's what we've heard.

Modern Warfare II Will Include Rappels & Climbing

According to the ModernWarfare2Informer, who is a known and verified leaker, the new CoD will feature tactical movement mechanics, similar to those seen in the Rainbow Six series:

Now you might be thinking: this is just another unsubstantiated leak, why should I believe some random guy on Twitter? But in the Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer we actually see a shot from the characters' perspective when they're rappelling upside down and shooting. So it would be pretty bizarre if it's not in the final game, given that they included this mechanic in one of the most important trailers the game will ever receive.

Whether the community will approve of the change or not is an entirely different question. MW2019's new mechanics were famously divisive, with some folks loving the tac-sprinting and mounting, and others despising them. The difference here is that we can't imagine rappelling is a mechanic someone could abuse. If anything it sounds like it will make the player more vulnerable, with the tradeoff being they can quickly access rooftops and such. We'll have to wait and see.

For more details on the new CoD (and there really is a ton we're learning each day) head on over to our hub article regarding everything we know about Modern Warfare II.