Modern Warfare II: Exclusive PSVR 2 Mode

Apparently, Modern Warfare II will go VR! Here you can find out exactly what this will look like and who will benefit from it.
MWII will get a VR mode. | © Activision/Sony

Modern Warfare II is close to its official reveal with its first real gameplay trailer. Up until now we got the name, pictures of Task Force 141 and two little teasers revealing the release date. Everything apart from that is coming to us through leaks and well-informed insiders like Tom Henderson or Ralph. The latter has now posted another exciting leak. He claims on Twitter that Modern Warfare II will get a VR mode. What could that look like?

Modern Warfare II to get PSVR 2 exclusive mode

According to this leka by Ralph, Modern Warfare II will get an exclusive VR mode for PSVR 2.

Infinity Ward, the developers of the Modern Warfare series, seem to be developing a virtual reality experience for the upcoming Modern Warfare II. Since apparently Call of Duty still has a deal with Sony despite the recent takeover from Microsoft, the VR experience will be exclusive for PSVR 2. The normal game modes like campaign, multiplayer and the new DMZ mode won't be influenced by this, there will rather be a completely separate VR mode.

While this does sound kind of crazy at first, it actually isn't even the first time Call of Duty got a VR experience. Infinite Warfare had the "Jackal Assault VR Experience" that wasn't that good but still found esteem in the VR community.

There is no official info about the PSVR 2 mode for MWII yet, but we strongly believe that Sony will show something at the Summer State of Play taking place on June 2. They already announced that they want to show several games in development for PSVR 2, so it would only make sense to include Modern Warfare II.

Although we don't know much, we should expect the MWII VR mode to drop alongside the release of the PSVR 2, which hasn't been announced yet, and will probably a free download for all PlayStation users.

What do you think about a Call of Duty VR mode? Will you try it? It certainly sounds very interesting and we will keep you up to date as soon as we have more details