Sony Announces Special Summer State of Play: How to Watch

Sony just announced an official Summer State of Play, that's set to take place very, very soon.

How to watch sony playstation state of play 2022
This one is gonna be all about PS VR2. | © Sony

So, Bethesda and Microsoft have their big showcase coming up on June 12, and Sony just pulled a quick one on the competition, by having their next showcase 10 days earlier. The upcoming Summer State of Play was just announced, and promises big reveals coming our way.

PlayStation State of Play: How to Watch

Watching the State of Play is simple, just head on over to PlayStation's official YouTube on June 2, and tune in at 3pm PT, 6pm EST. In terms of reveals, Sony revealed that this State of Play will focus on PlayStation VR2, so don't go in expecting a bunch of new first-party reveales.

You should be aware though, that Sony still has a Showcase planned for this year. Sony makes a clear distinction between Showcases and State of Plays - the State of Plays are short, 30-45 minute broadcasts, more akin to a quarterly update. The Showcase, meanwhile, takes the place of big events like E3.

For this year, we are still expecting a Showcase some time around September, which should be when we finally get some updates on the big games, like God of War, Spiderman 2, and whatever Naughty Dog is currently cooking up.