Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix Series Reveals Showrunner

Horizon Zero Dawn is the latest game trying to become a succesful adaption, courtesy of Netflix and now the series has found it's show runner.

Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix
All of this on Netflix? Yes, please. | © Sony

Another game is being turned into a television series courtesy of Netflix. Will this one flop, or will it be as great as Riot Games' League of Legends adaptation Arcane? Well, some big names seem to have signed on to the Horizon Zero Dawn adaptation, so we've got some high hopes for this one.

Umbrella Academy's Steve Blackman to Adapt Horizon Zero Dawn

Yes, you read that correctly in the title. According to Netflix, Steve Blackman, who did amazing things with the Umbrella Academy, will be running the show for Horizon Zero Dawn. The announcement came in the form of an interview between Netflix and Blackman.

In this interview, not only did he touch upon the next season of the Umbrella Academy, but also some of his other projects and well... one of them is going to be the Horizon Zero Dawn adaptation.

Horizon Zero Dawn Series Reveal Name

Jeff Grubb has reported that the Horizon Netflix show will apparently be called Horizon 2074 and that two time periods will be covered in it. Makes sense if you played the game. You have the past of what used to be that you're exploring and the present that you play Aloy in.

Now, don't get too excited. This might backfire like some other shows and movies did – ahem, Uncharted, ahem. But according to Grubb, Horizon 2074 will be a re-imagination, rather than an adaptation. That sounds very interesting, though I don't know how that would work, since Aloy will still be the main character.

Maybe a different storyline in the show that's completely independent of the games? Don't know if I like that, to be honest.

Horizon Zero Dawn Series Announced

Game to TV adaptions, game to movie adaptions... it barely ever works. Sure, they're getting better and better, and we all have super high expectations for The Last of Us on HBO, but as a rule of thumb... if a game is adapted, it will suck. Now, Horizon Zero Dawn will either be the latest to suffer the same fate, or it will become the exception to the rule, when it's coming to Netflix.

First Announcement of Show

The news was first reported by Press Start, who have the inside scoop on a Sony business briefing, in which they revealed that 10 of their franchises are in the process of being adapted, including Horizon Zero Dawn being made into a Netflix series.

Now, while I'm always cautious with game adaptions, and while I didn't necessarily love Horizon Zero Dawn as a game, I gotta say... that world is super creative and actually has a lot of potential as a video game. Now, if you're wondering what other 9 franchises are going to be turned, then I allow me to be the bearer of good news: We know that Amazon Prime is working on a God of War series, and, for some reason, a Gran Turismo project is also in the works...

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