Elden Ring Legend Destroys Bosses Almost Completely Naked

Elden Ring is a pretty difficult game – at least for casual players like you and me. “Let me solo her” on the other hand, beats the game naked easily. Really.
Elden ring secret wall
What a legend. | © From Software

Yes, From Software games are not for the faint-hearted – Dark Souls has already proven that the developers like to make their games very demanding. Elden Ring also stays true to this design philosophy and without many helpful guides, some players would definitely struggle at some points in the game.

But where there are casual players, there are also gaming-gods among us, for whom the bosses in Elden Ring are far too easy. Introducing "Let me solo her" aka u/KleinTsuboiOW... the man, the myth, the legend is already a star in the Elden Ring community. Even one of the hardest bosses in the game – Malenia – is just a cakewalk for the user.

Elden Ring Legend Destroys Malenia Naked & Solo

Let's take a closer look at the play style of "Let me solo her", shall we? His outfit is pretty simple and consists only of a pot, which he misuses as a hat. Furthermore, KleinTsuboiOW does not rely on any armor or shields and only uses two of the strongest weapons in the game: the Moonveil and Rivers of Blood Katana.

Well, and that's all "Let me solo her" needs to bring Malenia to her knees. He dodges every boss attack without running into any problems, and in the right moments he strikes back with his two katanas. He really makes it look easy. However, despite his recent internet fame, "Let me solo her" remains humble, as this message to the community shows:

A message from "Let me solo her" from Eldenring

Even though he's sometimes instantly killed due to lags, he is considered a legend in the Elden Ring community, having helped many other players with Malenia. For this reason, many other users have already posted fan art of the Elden Ring phenomenon.

So folks: either seek the help of “Let me solo her” in Elden Ring or check out some of our other guides. To be honest, we're not on the same level as u/KleinTsuboiOW gameplay-wise, but we can at least help you find some of the best items or complete hidden quests in this From Software masterpiece.